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  1. Hi Mike, This is good information and tells me what is going on. What I need to do is a 'Find and Replace' on the two Unicode values. I need to replace U+0007 with U+0020. I don't know if this capability is in Affinity, be great if it was. I'll have to look into this over Christmas, no time to do it now. Hopefully this'll be in the help file. You are also correct in that our out sourced people use InDesign, which I do not have. Many thanks for the clarification.
  2. Hi Jon, Attached is the file that I'm trying to work with. I'm wondering if this is a Font issue. The font in the document needs to be substituted, see image below. I've tried to find out how to add a new fonts to Affinity, but not found that info yet. I've reloaded the document, but the problem persists. Thanks for looking into it. I look forward to any suggestions that you can come up with. T3DSO2000_Data Sheet_17-12-2018.pdf
  3. I've just loaded Publisher .206 and tried to work with PDF files. A few bugs seem to have crept in over the previous version. PDF files are much slower to import / load and save / create as an output compared to the previous version. There are many errors in the imported / loaded PDFs, the most common one being spaces being replaced with a clear square block. Also sometimes images have moved and text has overwritten other lines. It could be my source file but I can edit it fine in Adobe tools without these errors, see the attached file, which is a pdf import / export from Affinity .206 without modifying the PDF. Also, I tried to regress to .192 but found that this didn't work. Running .192 seemed to delete the . 206 exe without installing the previous version (.192). So I've re-installed .206. I'm no PC expert so it is possible that my PDF screwed things up. Many Thanks. Affinity Test2.pdf
  4. Hi, Justify all seems buggy. I've been testing Publisher on some text and noticed that the 'fully justify' seems to mess up the final text row, see attached. So the first rows are fine, the last row should have been ignored by the fully justify, but it hasn't been. This has basically screwed up the final text word. Also, the heading is fine because that was not highlighted to justify, bit it too would have screwed up if it had been highlighted for full justify. It's a great product that is improving with every release. The Videos are useful but could probably do with being a little more depth when you get the time.