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  1. It's, and this was stated by their salesperson, I'm a good customer, always paying the whole year upfront, have a long history (9 years) of yearly purchases and there's the covid issue going on thorough the world. I've just asked if they can offer me a discount, waited for a few minutes and this discount was offered to me. I've never stated that Adobe is "the hotshot best thing on the planet", that's only your projection. Using your tone: Why is Serif offering their product so cheap? Why don't they attempt to acquire money to recruit possible good coders offering reasonable wage? It was just rhetorical, sarcastic question, I hope you understand I'm not waiting for an answer πŸ˜‰
  2. Well, if you really use it, you know it's quite simple to get a discount from Adobe. I've got over 50 per cent discount for next year subscription just few days back. All I had to do was to ask. If you're a punk who fights his fight, OK. But we should be discussing features here, not our motivation that's behind our personal fight, don't you think? And to stay on topic, right?
  3. Well, if you use the software for living, it's a crap argument. If you're a carpenter, you will also buy a premium hammer instead of a cheap one, it will last longer, will do better job for you. The quality of the tools simply speaks for itself. Actually - one single job you do with the Adobe Suite will easily pay the whole year of subscription (if you know how to sell your work and pick a proper project that will bright you profit, this is a major difference between professionals and amateurs,) and the rest of the year you're in positive numbers. Also - when you go to the holidays etc., you can always pause/cancel your subscription and pay when you get back to work. You don't have to pay when you don't use the software. Also, constant upgrades (feature and bugfix wise) are so fast and common it's not stopping you from doing your work without constant necessity to use of dozens of workarounds to get even a simple job done... + Indeed, indeed... Sadly, the fact is that Serif sells thousands of copies of software that only few percents of buyers actually use. That is the sad truth, I'm speaking from experience here. It's so cheap they can give up/sacrifice the amount and forget all about the purchase. They might even be waiting for the update that will addres their issues, silently, since not everyone wants to be vocal or part of the forums/community. Truth. Sadly, Affinity doesn't develop much. At least we're getting basic features like Select by... for Designer, a feature that should have been in version 1.0. Or PDF passthrough. What professional can work or be without it? And now that we have it, it still doesn't display correctly, so it's not WYSIWYG at all. Wicked! You will love the new neural filters of Photoshop if you try to use them, especially if you're into old photo restorations, colorization and so on. This is sadly not truth. Affinity isn't aimed to creative professionals, despite its aspiration. You sadly cannot rely on it, you have to constantly check every output multiple times, on each export, since there are weird glitches. Also, to this day, we don't have usable Boolean operations. After 6 years... Stuff like default greyscale swatches being actually RGB and dozens of other quirks... Ie, the batch conversion to this day doesn't support drag and drop. You have to select files manually from an system open dialog. Time is money, you know. The only advantage is its ability to work with CMYK natively. However, you cannot disable colour profiles, so the colours get converted anyway. Wicked. No support for 1bit images in Photo. Screen printing is a profession. Serif ignores this niche of graphic design completely. Global layers - an industry standard. Even Corel Draw supports them. Affinity decide to rename Objects to layers for its own convenience, and honestly, layer/object management in Affinity is pure hell thanks to this omission. You have to micro-manage the whole design work you're up to, instead of focusing on the design itself. After few hours of designing, you find yourself managing layers because it's nearly impossible to find stuff in the object/layer hierarchy. And don't let me started on layers vs. Layers (yes, Affinnity does have 2 types of layers, one without and one with capitalized L). Confusing? They say it's by design... Vector brushes? They're pure bitmaps. Why are they confusingly named Vector Brushes? Crazy... Designer - why we still can't see the content of the bleed area when using multiple artboarts? It's part of the design and omitting it from display is just an ignorant approach. Affinity = 6 years, indeed. But Serif = nearly 30 years in the market. They should have some sort of insight already about what features are necessary, what can be omitted and how to build the roadmap. The only difference is that Affinity was conceived as a Mac product, and addition of Windows support (obviously due to the marketing dept. that seems to have major role in what we're discussing here is the main deciding factor in Serif offices, not designer or coders). This is what started to slow the development down. Next hit was the iOS versions. It must be hell to maintain all this, and I'm not even talking about adding new features. Programmers must in my opinion be quite demotivated over there. Even a single-man operation can make a good progress when there is a will and power to change things. Look at VectorStyler. They haven't released v 1.0 but they do have my money guaranteed already. This is nonsense. Every professional uses tools that make their lives easier, whenever they can. Otherwise we would still be doing our work the old way, we wouldn't use CTP, but be stuck with CTF. Hell, we would be using old Printing Presses, Manual Typesetting etc. Setting up a single book would take years. Or we would maybe be Scribers, manually rewriting copies of the books... Maybe for presentation purposes, however the tools are usable however one wants. Replace Sky ie., Neural Colorization... What features are you talking about, could you explain, please? Overall, it's a pain working with Affinity. Faulty UX, weird UI (try to use keyboard to switch the input fields ie.), weird glitches all over the whole suite, often faulty output, weird crashes and lack of basic functionality makes it hard for any professional to use Affinity. On the other hand: I'm loving Photo's inpainting tool. It's way better than Adobe's implementation and it's the last and single reason why I'm still using Affinity for some light retouching. Some filters are also quite nice. I'm not hating Affinity. I'm sad and disappointed how it didn't evolve after the years. Bought Designer back in 2014/2015 from the App Store, later bought each single app for both platforms when the apps got released, just to support Serif reaching their goal. I'm using Adobe Suite again since I can't afford to test the software and pull my hair off all the time. Every new version introduces new bugs, plenty of bugs remain unfixed for years, version after version. I'm losing hope, that's all.
  4. Hi @Mithferion, pretty good UX job I think, such a panel would be something awesome. Thank you! Let's hope Serif will appreciate your enthusiasm and will incorporate something like that in all the software πŸ™‚ Anyaway, IIRC, @MattP said that current implementation is rather simple and he's planning on expanding it further, so I'm not worried that such a useful feature would be left unattended when it was already implemented πŸ˜€
  5. @Becoming Jerome There are certainly ways but be careful, especially on Windows: On Windows, you can use junction - please read the docs and help page carefully since you might harm your system when you use this feature the wrong way On Mac, you can simply link or mount any different objects to their specific mountpoints/targets Both ways are basically the same thing on different systems, just the junction thing on Windows doesn's support network linkage, so the implementation is a bit different, but both work for me.
  6. This is stunning news, @MattP - thank you for looking into this. I'm eager to check the feature out in production version, since I'm so busy I sadly don't have time nor energy to test the betas. I would tend to start working with it on real projects and from my past experience - in the past I've found out, the file format changed so later I wasn't able to open beta files in production version (I obviously wasn't paying attention to your disclaimer warning users from such activities). I'm careful since. But god bless you for adding this feature. Since I can't test the functionality, I would like to add my suggestions: The tool shouldn't care about what groups the objects are in, it should select all similar objects without selecting the whole group The tool shouldn't select objects from hidden groups (both hiding and locking the layers upfront would be too much ux hassle in my opinion, but hiding should be sufficient. Shame we don't have "Lock and hide" feature. I understand this design decision will be hard, but could be alternativelly solved by creating specific menu items like Select same fill [all layers] and Select same fill [omit hidden])... Decisions, decisions πŸ˜‰ This decision is a double-bladed sword obviously, since one could shot himself in the foot when unhiding those hidden layers later on, forgetting he hasn't changed their colours. (I know, I know, just mentioning a specific user-case). The tool should be able to select by other attributes, mainly same "vector brushes" applied to it, also gradient fills. With gradient fills, I'd be careful though, since one might have different angled ones in the design and most likely he'd like to change only the colours of the gradients, not their angles though (I know, I know...) Maybe it would be quite cool to be able select All Star Objects, All Heart objects etc? Take care.
  7. From what I gathered, Serif always wants to do things their way, a feature is nearly never the same as in other apps (which can be good, but this is not always the case). But I hope they do it right if they decide to implement object tagging.
  8. Well, in this hypothetical Tag Studio Panel, it should be quite easy to add a switch on top or bottom and master layer switch with a drop-down that would allow you to select master page(s) it should belong to, don't you think? πŸ˜‰ heuristics would be useable for analyzing existing documents to add automatic tags the way @dominik suggests, but what I had on my mind would be advanced automatic tagging of object based on user activity / workflow, thus sort of machine learning (AI) would be appropriate case I believe. Following paragraph: I should rephrase to make my thoughts clearer πŸ˜‰ Thus: Would it employ machine learning, since every single user prefer a different system, in another words some kind of AI? ...
  9. Yes, it's UX cluttering if you're forced to click 20 times because dev took the wrong approach. Well, they should go there, since it's a context-related thing. Having another panel open just for that would not help there. That would be the biggest mistake they could make. Having to click an icon just to find out what tag is attached to certain object would be another UX disaster, especially if it would be something like fx modal, that you can't hide, you can't even move the view once it's on the screen. Having the interface clean doesn't always mean good UX. But if the tagging system wasn't automatic as @dominik mentioned, it would be a great alternative to what many people, including me, are hoping for for a long time - basically a global layer system alternative as we imagine it. That would be quite awesome. Another thing I'm afraid of would be the automatic tagging thing - on what criterion would the app decide how to automagically tag stuff? Would it employ machine learning, since every single user prefer a different system? Or some kind of AI? Wouldn't this itself be a bit too much hassle?
  10. Indeed it can be used that way. But selecting by the colour or attribute is way faster and doesn't clutter your workflow by organizing things. It should be a timesaver, an automated tool. Not even mentioning the User Interface clutter it would create; Serif would have to add an additional Tag Studio Panel, probably would have to add a tag selection to the context toolbar and also modify the whole Layers Studio Panel to note user of the tags the layer use - while the Select by attribute system is clutter free. A few menu items in currently existing Select menu or a simple dropdown like in Inkscape, Vector Styler or Illustrator does the whole trick without organizing anything. Fluently. I still do believe that designers should design stuff without being forced to spend half of their worktime by organizing, tagging and clicking around the UI. Tag system might be useful when you're creating a new design or illustration from scratch, but definitelly not for the very usecase this thread is all about (either working on an imported design, older design or something somebody else designed or paid for and gave you to work on).
  11. You can also use Vector Styler for Mac, that is currently in a free beta. It's such a nice, feature packed tool that I have to mention it. It's got everything from envelope warp, mesh warp, path warp, select by..., gradient mesh, whatever you think of, it's probably there. It's a bit slower on older Macs, but it's worth trying I believe.
  12. Hi @sveto, what @anon2 said - the issue is that so called vector brushes aren’t vector brushes. Lmao. why serif decided to call them vector brushes is beyond my understanding - textured brushes would fit and wouldn’t cause dozens of misunderstandings. I’ve actually found out after buying some of those brushes from affinity store. Yes, I was offered a refund but declined for I finally realized that I sadly can’t take serif/affinity seriously. Yet.
  13. Hi @R B I'm using free version of Fontbase with both macOS and Windows and it seems to work quite well with Affinity and I have to admit that it's a pretty stunning font manager, even without its freemium features that are available only with subscription. Font activation takes a little longer but it works. You can also browse font folder structures so that's perfect for me, since I can easily make my own font collections in Finder and then activate or deactive them on demand. Maybe that helps.
  14. Hi @SourBeerFan, welcome to the forums. Since it's Refine Selection feature, You have to create a magic wand or lasso or other kind of selection first, then you can refine it πŸ˜‰ I am sorry, the first image showing marching ants selection loaded after I posted my answer, weird. Must be connection issue at my end etcg. This is weird, a moderator should look at it trying to reproduce. My 1.8.3 works as expected, I haven't updated to 1.8.4 because since 1.8 I always wait watching the forums until I'm 100 per cent sure it's safe to update.
  15. Hi everyone, I would like to thank all the staff at the helpdesk for their incredible work they do on the forums. I know I'm probably not the easiest person to deal with, but seeing how much work those guys, namely @Patrick Connor, @Callum, @Chris B, @Sean P, @Adam, @MEB, @Lee D, @DWright, @Gabe and @Leigh, put in servicing customer request is stunning. So thank you all, and thank all those I haven't mentioned above (sorry, guys). Please, keep your good work up.
  16. Same here πŸ˜€ Amigas were so ahead of its time! I loved the first DTP I ever used - Page Stream. Later I've bought quite cheap Atari ST with a colour monitor and moved to Calamus, which was stunning at the time, with a quite similar concept to Affinity Studio Link btw... It was slower and way worse than Amiga, but way cheaper and did its job, Calamus was also available, but only in TOS emulation. Oh, sweet memories.
  17. Same here. I really love to watch what *real users* do. The test groups would be very suprirsed knowing how many people with laptops and cameras are watching them through one-way window during the testing. And we do that even for simple packaging designs, poster and banner designs, corporate identity tests and even for custom font tests.
  18. Indeed. Good UX designers also perform A-B testing on different user groups when they don't have conclusive data (the case @carl123 mentioned above). They also use scientific methods like Eye Tracking and so on. The worst case are self-appointed UX pseudospecialists and when coders/programmers attempt to create UX for their own apps (see Gimp or original Sodipodi for the best example).
  19. Hi @Adam, It seems to be working now, thank you πŸ˜€ So, I've picked some random picture just to check out, but now, when I try to upload the new one I wanted to, I'm getting following: -200 See the screenshot here. I'm currently on Windows 10 ver 1909 computer with lastest version of Firefox if that helps.
  20. Thanks for an answer, @Alfred, I'm browsing the forums everyday and didn't noticed any such reports, but it might be related to me selectivelly skipping such posts in Activity Stream when scanning thread titles.
  21. Hi, sorry if I posted this to a wrong forum, but I wasn't able to find any other forum that would suit following: there is probably something wrong with avatar uploads, I'm attempting to upload a valid avatar (file size and format fits the requirement), however I'm getting following error: https://imgur.com/a/KbgBcei So that's what I'm doing. Now when I attempted to post a screenshot of the message, I've found that I can't upload attachments to my forum messages as well. Both images were exported to jpeg from current production version of Affinity Photo. Thanks for your feedback.
  22. This explanation should be set in a stone. Thank you so much @NoSi.
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