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  1. I can't find a way to use other shapes for text than a rectangle? I hoped I would have more options like a circle or even a pen drawn shape... Or at least the ability to round the corners and such. I hope you plan to expand this in the future? I do like the way text wrap is handled, it is more flexible than Indesign.
  2. I would like to have more flexibility in color picking too.
  3. Hi There, I really like to use Affinity products, but have a request to improve: as it is now I can only select the color wheel OR the color sliders, but I can not combine the two. This would be very useful, as I can make quick adjustments to the color with the wheel, and use the sliders and the values to fine tune the colors
  4. I too would wish for some kind of auto-activation. This will become especially crucial with Publisher, so I hope they have some kind of solution in place. I use FontAgent on Mac, which is not perfect in any way, but works with my older Adobe CS5 apps. I can activate fonts and they do appear in Affinity, but when I have a document open with fonts missing, even after activating them in FontAgent, the fonts don't update, even if they appear in the menu. I have to close and reopen the document for it to work. What I am also missing is a Used Fonts dialogue. This is essential to show which fonts are used in the documents, if some cause problems. Also if I want to replace a font in the entire document, this is the best solution. I hope Affinity can add this to Publisher as well as Designer & Photo in the near future
  5. Thanks for the update. I still have problems using bigger assets, importing them crashes the app. When I try to use them, I get graphic glitches and crashes every time. I am using the assets from Frankentoon's Propaganda Design kit
  6. Hi, I would like to be able to alter the global pressure curve of the Apple Pencil in AD & AP on iPad. Right now the curve is too stiff for me, and des not suit my way of drawing. Procreate and Clip Studio both give the option to change the curve to ones liking. Drawing would be a lot more fun in Affinity on iPad if I could do this, as right now I have to put too much pressure to get the line I want, which might even scratch my screen. I could set the curve for the individual brushes, but this is a lot of extra work, and a global setting would be much easier to use. I hope you could give this idea a chance, thanks!
  7. +1 to this. I really need this feature for complex illustrations. Having to select each individually is a chore. I like AD a heck of a lot more than illustrator for most things, so having to fire up my old illustrator CS5 again to do this is disappointing. It has been in the pipeline for so long now, but I consider this one of the basic for a good vector program. I know you have limited resources, but this one has more practical use than a line stabilizer, for instance.
  8. Just bumping this tread, because it is now possible to have live symmetry in AD, by using symbols. Create a symbol (can be any simple shape) Then place a copy of this symbol from the symbols pallete to the canvas, right next to the other one. Then use the mirror option. Now go back to the original shape, on which the symbol is based, in the layers panel. Click the symbol, which is like a folder which includes the shape you made. Now you can just hide this shape and add a pixel layer and draw on it ---> The symbol is automatically updated and you have a mirrored drawing! You can add as many layers and effects as you like, as well as add multiple symmetry axes.
  9. Is there any news on the publisher app that is supposed to accompany the other two affinity apps. I am really looking for ways to get away from adobe, but there aren't really any decent affordable alternatives to indesign. I hope there will be some news on this soon, as it has been quite long in the making. Seeing that the other Affinity apps seems to be quite succesfull it could be very good
  10. I tried it today, but Designer seems to have become more laggy with more complex pixel brushes. I used the Pigmento brushes by DAUB in 1.4 and they worked fine there, now I get a delay especially when drawing faster. It does not seem to be a problem with the other brushes, like DAUBs free brushes, or the ones included in Photo. Any idea why??
  11. Hi Paolo, I love these brushes, great work. The only thing that bugs me is that I find it hard to find these brushes in the brushes window in AD, as it does not show names (only on hover). Do you know if this can be changed?
  12. Hi Affinity Developers, First of all a huge word of thanks for all the efforts and good ideas that went into Affinity Designer. It is really refreshing to have someone make a clean start on a vector drawing program. I think the interface in general is a big improvement over AI. I also really love the way AD handles masks, which I find is a pain in AI. The ability to combine raster and vector in one program is a huge plus, and it's main selling point, I think. AD is still in its early stages of development, so a direct comparison with AI is unfair (also because of the price difference), yet, because I have AI CS5 installed, I still don't use AD as often as I would like. The main reasons for this are the path editing tools and the freehand drawing of vector paths. These two functions are the bread and butter part of any vector drawing program, and AI still handles some things better than AD. Let me elaborate: I think the pen tool is way better than it's equivalent in AI (actually I hate the pen tool in AI!). But I confess that I have the plugin Inkscribe installed and this makes a big difference. This is basically a combination of the pen tool with path editing tools. When comparing inkscribe and ADs Pen & path editing tools there are some things I really miss. The first thing is the way Inkscribe deletes nodes: instead of the curve just falling apart it spreads the load between the next two nodes and attempts to keep the curve intact. This is a BIG deal for me, as it makes cleaning up paths much easier. Also it give the ability to add nodes to the tangent point on a line, so you get handles at 90 and 45 degree angles, which is a great way to make editing paths easier. Overall I think the pen tool is very good in AD, but I miss the ability to snap handles (to the grid, for instance) or constrain them to 45 or 90 degrees, also after this is drawn. This is better in AI and I hope AD will try to replicate this behavior. Something I find one of the most annoying things in AD though is that it is very hard to delete a segment of a line. This should be as easy as clicking on a segment and deleting it. Now I can't really figure out how to do it at all properly, and it needs way to many steps :wacko: Another thing that keeps me using illustrator is the freehand drawing tools. IMHO these are still superior to AD at the moment, for the following reasons: Being able to adjust setting for smoothness and accuracy The ability to redraw paths The ability to extend a drawn path the ability to smooth a path the ability to easily connect or close a path These 5 things are lacking in AD, and it makes the pencil tool rather unusable at the moment for me, even if I think the brush engine is much nicer. Another thing I would love to see is a functionality like the Dynamic Sketch plugin for AI. This adds to great features to the regular pencil: a path eraser, which erases up to an intersection, really speeding up a drawing workflow. It also will automatically connect paths in some situations. intelligent path joining, meaning you can draw two intersecting paths and the program creates a connected line from it, this is really great when drawing paths freehand, as you don't have to be to fussy with angles and edges Also the ability to change setting for smoothness and accuracy after the path is drawn is nice. I hope that AD would be able to integrate some of this functionality in its program in the future so I can forget about AI… :P Some other things I would like to see: (mentioned by others as well, this is just my list) Multiple strokes & fills live paint, or an even better way to fill shapes quickly Symmetry tools (like Manga Studio / Sketchbook pro) Artboards and/or pages Knife & Scissors tools I hope this post is not too negative. As I said AD is onto great things and I really hope to see it grow as the best in the business!
  13. thank you MEB, that is encouraging and I am very much looking forward to it. Your question why one would limit the amount of options is legitimate. It seems to me that some developers prefer to have a clean and functional app, and allowing the users the freedom to customize might mess things up...
  14. ok, thanks. I guess I was not clear about my biggest issue, which is the lack of customising options in AD. This hasn't got as much to do with the amount of features, which I completely agree are still in V.1 I am not complaining It just seems to me that the interface is not very flexible for the user at the moment. Custom shortcuts would be a first step. At least it seems to me that this is a conscious choice on the development side to limit these options, but correct me if I am wrong. If however it is a philosophy of Affinity programs, it might limit the usability of the software....
  15. Hi, I am glad Affinity is still going strong. I like the idea of having some kind of competition for Adobe, and there are some great ideas in there. I would love for some features to have more options, or work in a more refined way, for instance the pencil tool in AD, which is quite rudimentary compared to AI. I know this is version 1, and there is still gonna be loads of development, but this keeps me from using Affinity on a regular basis. One thing I still sorely miss is the ability to customize the program to my needs. This includes tools, workspaces, shortcuts and all. PS and AI allow for quite a good level of customisation, but my hero in this is certainly Manga Studio 5, which allows the user to customize almost everything about its program. This allowed me to tailor the program to my specific needs and really speeds up my workflow. Modifier keys play a big role in this as well. Now when I use the node tool, there is no way to change a corner, or delete or add a point, without going to the menu. IThis is just one example of many which makes the workflow in AD too fussy and slow for my needs. I hope there will be change in the regard, as it is even more important to me than big new tools like autotrace or whatnot.
  16. That sounds good. It would be very nice if the pencil tool would be improved!
  17. Hi, I would like to put two ideas up to discussion. I like working with AD, but also work with Manga Studio 5 a lot, and it has some nifty features that would be welcome in AD. First thing I like a lot is the vector eraser option. In MS5 you can draw on pixel and on vector layers. On the vector layer I can use the eraser to erase until intersection. This is cool as I don't have to be too fussy with overlapping lines. It works very well, and would be great in AD! I can also erase one line easily without affecting the other lines around it. 2nd thing that is quite great is the simplify brush. As a default the paths made with freehand drawing in MS5 have too many points, but using this brush cleans up pretty nicely, with a good range of options. Something like this would be a great addition to the pencil tool Come to think of it: what would be very welcome is more settings for the pencil tool, I think it is too basic now without any way of setting smoothness. Is this coming?
  18. I agree with most of your suggestions. I think a vector erasor would very useful!
  19. Hello Dave, Thanks for your reply. It is good to see you are working on improvements, I am very much looking forward to them, as well as Publisher! About the kerning Problem: it seems to be a problem with the alternates (contextual, all, swash etc.): when I deactivate them the kerning is fine, but when I switch them on, kerning is gone... It seems not specifically font related as it is the same for all that have these features.
  20. @Achim63 I see what you mean. I also think that perhaps a suite which would include the three programs as one might be a good idea in the future. For now I think it would be best to concentrate on the core strengths and objectives of the individual apps, and worry about the rest later. If the individual apps are good, I don't mind switching, for now. Actually, thinking about it some more, I think the persona is really the core of the what makes Affinity unique. Following up on this it could be the basis for one suite to integrate all personas in one. And regarding my thoughts on Typography: I think the most logicl thing to do is to make it its own persona: this way you get the uncluttered UI I like, but with all the options needed. I think Type was not really a big concern until now and is a bit underdeveloped, making a typography persona might solve this problem. I also see that AP is primarily intended for Photo editing, but this is what PS is as well, but still people do a lot more things with it, especially pixel based illustration. So it would make sense to me add a Paint/Illustration Persona to AP. This could of course also be added later :-) What Personas would be required for me to make the suite complete? I guess something like this: -Vector Illustration -Pixel Illustration -Photoediting (may be split up into different elements as it is in AP) -Typography -Layout -Interactive (for ebooks, pdfs etc, not websites) -export/import plus perhaps some kind of organisation persona that takes cares of things like links, embedding, packaging for print, colecting files, detailed info about document etc.
  21. Yeah I know this, and this is fine for a program like AD, which is a drawing app first and foremost. I also think it works quite well, but does not yet support all features yet, or not clearly enough. What I find more concerning is that Kerning does not or not always work, even when know for sure the font has it. I would also wish for some more advanced options like glyph selection... What is not so clear in the current Typography panel, is that I don't know if the features like superscript or small caps are generated by the program (fake) or are real OT features inside the font. I am not to crazy about the idea having to go through 3 panels to change my type settings, I would rather have a more advanced contextual menu with more features directly accessible, or customizable so I can have all the options I need all the time. It does not make much sense to me to put font selection and size in a separate menu to spacing. These two are always linked. I know this is the way Adobe apps handle this, but with more consistency, and with more contextual options. The typography panel is quite alike the panel in Apple applications... I wish Affinity will improve this area and have a more coherent approach that is all his own. I have read many designers complaints about the incoherent way Adobe apps handle this, and I think it is an area in which Affinity could really make a big positive difference.
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