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  1. This is an absolute must-have feature. three page spreads (and larger) are very common for me and I would absolutely need this feature in order to switch from InDesign. Also with the ability to adjust the page size of each page on a spread (like InDesign) and output with fold/trim bleed marks etc. I do a lot of tri-fold brochures and wide format print (as previously mentioned) and i have to be able to set files up this way.
  2. yes me too. stays on my screen until I quit and restart the program.
  3. wonderful. thanks! Now I do have a suggestion... there should be a LOCK for column gutters so you can adjust them together. seems tedious to have to adjust each column space individually, when, in most cases you'd want all spacing the same. Another note: I think its an AMAZING feature that you can adjust the width of each column independently! This is something that InDesign is lacking. great feature!!
  4. I'd suggest that the default would be the same as InDesign where placed text is treated like regular text.
  5. I don't see an option to adjust the space between text columns. Is it possible to do this in the beta version?
  6. Thank You Affinity! really excited about this. spending the morning exploring the new app.
  7. Packaging the document to include all assets and fonts etc ( like InDesign) is a feature that would be 100% mandatory for me to be able to switch from InDesign to Affinity Publisher. and oh boy do I ever want to switch to affinity Publisher!!!
  8. When setting margins, bleeds etc. It would be nice to have a lock/unlock feature so you can input one measurement and have it apply to all margins/bleeds when its locked, and separate measurements when its unlocked.
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