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  1. This is an absolute must-have feature. three page spreads (and larger) are very common for me and I would absolutely need this feature in order to switch from InDesign. Also with the ability to adjust the page size of each page on a spread (like InDesign) and output with fold/trim bleed marks etc. I do a lot of tri-fold brochures and wide format print (as previously mentioned) and i have to be able to set files up this way.
  2. Packaging the document to include all assets and fonts etc ( like InDesign) is a feature that would be 100% mandatory for me to be able to switch from InDesign to Affinity Publisher. and oh boy do I ever want to switch to affinity Publisher!!!
  3. When setting margins, bleeds etc. It would be nice to have a lock/unlock feature so you can input one measurement and have it apply to all margins/bleeds when its locked, and separate measurements when its unlocked.
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