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  1. You can enable/disable the Assistant, or change what it does, via the Affichage > Assistant... menu item. Hope that helps in the first instance Anstellos, we still need to investigate why the DNG did not process correctly.

  2. Hi Al, the trial is secure on purpose so that it can not be used repeatedly, sorry. 


    The dev team 'reset' the trial on April 2nd so that people who had previously installed an older trial version of Affinity Designer could download a fresh release and evaluate the new features we added to v1.2. If your expired trial was used after April 2nd there is no way to reset it.


    However, it is on offer right now so that's another option. If you have specific questions maybe the team or other forum members could help you decide if the app is what you want?

  3. Yes sorry for that, MEB is right, you need to use an isometric grid. In the beta version of Affinity Designer you will find a Grid and Axis Manager in the View menu. You can set up a nice 3-axis grid that will make this kind of illustration far easier to achieve compared to using the current Mac App Store release of the app.


    Uncheck Use automatic grid to set up a grid with your own choice of spacing, choosing a preset like Isometric from the drop-down list to make it easy if you wish.



  4. Yes you can achieve this with Affinity Designer; it will be easier if you use the recent Customer Beta version as it includes some grid and snapping improvements specifically for this kind of illustration.


    https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/15-affinity-designer-beta (go to the top post of the top thread in the linked forum).


    The Affinity Designer Customer Beta requires that you have the Mac App Store version also installed, and it will work alongside it indefinitely (although we recommend you update it when prompted). If you do not have the Mac App Store version of Affinity Designer installed, the Customer Beta release can only work as a 10 day trial.


    Cheers, Dale.

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