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  1. Hi Dan! Thanks for your advice! I also love AP for editing raw but I've seen others who have paired both of them up and used C1 for raw and then AP for all the other photo needs like retouching etc. But def. looking forward to seeing what others think!
  2. Hi Everyone, Hope I placed this in the correct area. I was curious, is there any benefits to using Capture One for Raw editing over Affinity Photo's Develop Persona? Thanks in advance!
  3. While trying to load images to a stack in Photo the app keeps crashing each time it says loading stack. Is this a bug?
  4. I'm having issues loading images to a stack myself. When I select my images and load it says stacking then the while program crashes on my iPad.
  5. Hi Everyone, Can someone tell me how i can adjust the flow without adjusting the numbers in the actual menu? For example the same way you can do with the Opacity when you press the number keys. Hope my question made sense. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I locked an object in AD and for some reason it doesn't allow me to select it or even use unlock so i move it around. Is there something I'm missing here? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hey everyone, I was just curious if it was just me or when your actually using AP and you are say adjusting the opacity or any slider it blurs/ lags a bit then make the adjustment? I noticed also when say I'm adjusting the brush size by using Alt+Option and dragging it lags a bit as well. Is that just me or thats something with the software? Please note, my computer was just upgraded and it did it before as well and i thought it would have gotten addressed in the other betas or releases. Thanks in advance!
  8. Is this a feature thats coming down the pipeline? When we can press a key command and rotate the canvas temporarily and then back?
  9. This works thanks. But I'm so used to just click and not having to drag and have it maginify :) Not sure what you meant by looking in the bottom line? :)
  10. Hi Paul, Actually want to be able to sample while working without having to go into the swatches panel to sample the color i want. Say if I'm correcting tones while retouching i could have the brush tool active but then hold Alt/Option and the eyedropper would activate for me to sample the area I want and once the option is released it would go right back to the brush tool.
  11. Hi Everyone, In AP, do we have an Eyedropper tool like we do in PS? In photoshop if I'm retouching i can select the brush tool and then press and hold Alt/Option to quickly bring up the eyedropper tool. Once i release the key it goes back to the tool i was using. Is this available on AP because i can't find it. Thanks!
  12. Just wanted to bring this topic up again to see if they would include the features requested. Thanks for all your hard work everyone!
  13. It works now, I have to turn off the actual assistant option and not just the tone curve.
  14. Hi, Could i request a shortcut to be added to reset the color swatch back to Black & White like it is in PS. The shortcut for that is D. If we have one already can you please let me know what it is? :) Thanks!
  15. Hi Lee, Is there a way to keep the tone curve off even off the application is closed and opened again?
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