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  1. Hi Jon


    Yes you can design web graphics and mockup websites (no interactivity, just the look), and yes you can import/export PSD for Photoshop and PDF. You can also import from Adobe Illustrator using a PDF-compatible AI file, and save as PDF for opening in Illustrator. Import and export will get even stronger over time in free updates.


    Hope that helps.

  2. @Dale: Even though "Aff" is indeed part of the word "Affe" which means "monkey" in german, that shouldn't be a problem at all, the three letters are pronounced differently and the chance someone might connect a monkey to a computer in their head is relatively slim.


    A bigger issue is the term "persona" since "PERSONA" is a well-known contraceptive in Germany … I have been grinding my brain for weeks now on how this one might get translated without ending up weird.


    That's fantastic. Thanks Jens for making me laugh. :)

  3. Hi Matt. My name is Scott Lewis. I was the author of the article. Would you please email me to discuss your concerns further? I'm troubled that you seem to have such a problem with the review. When Dale emailed me, I worked with him quite a bit for 2 days to update the article in such a way as to make sure readers knew I had erred but also maintain editorial integrity and not just revise the article wholesale based on vendor dissatisfaction. It's a fine line to walk. The "errata" you refer to was the most honest way to point out that I had made a mistake. Simply rewriting the article based on the feedback of any of the vendors would be a bit unfair to readers.


    I  hope we can resolve this issue to your satisfaction. I will be happy to change any facts that are inaccurate.


    Hi Scott, I hope you realise when I contacted you that I was pointing out inaccuracies rather than huffing and puffing about the review, I actually appreciate the review and am sure plenty of people have enjoyed it. It's a bit unfair that pointing out errors gets labelled as vendor dissatisfaction but I hear you. Many will know that an in-depth review of a new app is a massive task and I appreciated that there were also positive comments made where you spotted strengths across the apps. I also accept you're an Illy fan and don't hold it against you, I'm a fan of all sorts of apps and could show bias, but I don't assume that would get in the way of fixing errors in the body, feature matrix and cons list of a review. Nor should post-editing be an issue IMO. Better to be right moving forward even though thousands of people have already read the factually incorrect version? You suggested I left the remainder of my suggestions for review inaccuracies in the comments section, that should fairly well match what Matt's picked up on too if I've been on it.

  4. Hi iKoma. Between her wrists and by her right elbow, you can create new shapes to cut out from the skin fill. Create a 'gap' shape, select it and the skin shape, then use Subtract from the Boolean operations on the top toolbar. Repeat for each cut out. You could do this for a third gap, between the fingers on the left hand. Well done on all the line work.


    Edit: For best results, drag the shapes that will be cut-outs to just above the skin layer before performing the Subtract.

  5. Tried an alignment trick (to align multiple objects to a specific object by locking one layer) and found this oddity.


    Create bunch of shapes, lock one shape's layer

    Select all objects

    Perform alignment (I aligned left)

    All objects except the locked one move (to the left extent of the left-most unlocked object)

    Cmd-Z undo

    The shapes return to their original positions, but the locked object is (incorrectly) exclusively selected

    Click on the background to deselect

    Locked object jumps to the left edge of the page as if unlocked and left-alignment performed on it alone


    File attached, the small purple square is the locked one in this case.


  6. Here's another example video of a geometry issue with Expand Stroke. This is (I believe) using build 1.019755.




    Reported via Twitter at https://twitter.com/paulmist/status/524300800755896321


    The file in question: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8821016/Affinity/gallery_slider_left.svg


    At first I couldn't replicate because I drew my own similar shape, but using the SVG makes it clear.

  7. I wondered whether this betentacled beast would have been easier to manage with a push back tool, limited mask regions where the z-order can change freely, but I think it would have been just as complicated as drawing properly! It's a ... beast.

  8. @Dale: or the mutant/evolved humans in Greg Bears Darwin's Radio who have splotches of skin that change color/irradiance as an additional mode of communication. Like blushing taken to the extreme. 


    £2.81 delivered in very good condition, be rude not to. Click, done!



    AD is the best creative app I've gotten since Manga Studio (and that's saying a lot!).


    Fantastic, I've seen some great work come out of that app too, often thanks to some great brushes.

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