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  1. This is coolest thing I've seen all day o.o wow!
  2. I like the pencil tool better in most cases; they both create custom shapes, but the pencil tool is faster and more fluid I've found. I only use the pen tool if I want some really specific straight lines. Only problem with the pencil tool is it keeps auto correcting mistakes that don't exist.
  3. Hello! I'm creating a big plane of custom shapes and after sketching in raster I want to use the pencil tool to create custom vector shapes. A problem I keep running into is while tracing an already drawn shape the tool will snap once the shape is completed, resulting in something entirely different. I've tried turning off snapping and stabilizer, but I don't know how to change this. Any help?
  4. Solved my question, thank you for the help! Sorry it got a bit chaotic.
  5. Thank you both for your responses! Sorry about the gif, I'll know for next time. ^^' I have the same result when the layers are under an artboard. The image is raster with adjustments (which I assume are vector,) nonetheless rasterizing the whole thing makes no difference. However, after thinking I realize I've asked the wrong question: How do you remove or change a color (in this case, white) from a vector/vector adjusted layer?
  6. Here's a weird one, I have a standalone layer that I've adjusted so the entire thing is a black/white outline. I've been trying to remove the white background to make it transparent, but the 'select sampled color' button keeps on affecting the nearby artboard instead. What do I do about this?
  7. I've been poking around for a few weeks and I figured I'd just ask: Some forums have a page/list of topics you've replied to that have been updated. Is there something like that on here? It's getting difficult to remember every topic I want to check, and having to search through the forum for it...
  8. Alright, how do I do that? I'm just assuming PDF, but is there something else you'd recommend?
  9. Is it possible to select multiple vector objects in Affinity Designer and rename them all at once, i.e. head_01, head_02, etc? I'm doing some UV work and while I could put on some good music and spend an hour renaming a couple thousand faces I'm hoping there's a shortcut.
  10. This site looks amazing! I'm definitely going to put some stuff up here eventually
  11. Not super important feature, but it would be convenient. I'm working on a massive heightmap that I'm drawing as slices. Being able to cross the boundaries of artboards easily would be very nice.
  12. I'm trying to make a custom hair brush and I have an image that looks like this: I discovered on accident that it makes an amazing grain texture, which is cool, but how do I configure it so each of those dots will drag out in a line instead of just placing the image over and over again? If it has to be done in code I'm not afraid to do that either, but some help as to how would be great
  13. I agree with firstdefence about making the letters in the second image smaller; I think the rest of it would work great without the filter though. Like you said, there's a lot going on and the normal amount of time people will see a logo (5-20-ish seconds from personal experience) won't be enough for them to take anything memorable from it.
  14. Oh, I see! I must have misunderstood your post from before as well XP Thanks a bunch!
  15. Here you are; fyi I've gone ahead and deleted and re-created a lot of objects in experimentation, right now this is basically just a grid of boxes DW_Heightmap.afdesign
  16. Decimal Places for Unit Types is already set to one; I tried setting it to two and resetting it with no effect. But thank you for that information, that helps
  17. I don't think that's it, I have "move by whole pixels" selected and none of the transform integers have decimals.
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