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  1. I use Publisher for manuals and technical docs - and it's fantastic for that. I'd love some ability to just copy the full text content, across all containers, in a predictable order so some text diffing could be done. Slmething like 'edit > copy > copy all document text to clipboard'. I've seen a request for a 'text style' xml file format to allow git versioning, which of course would be the best solution, but it sounds like that's not possible. Could we just get the text so we can do diffing outside publisher?
  2. Yes I've just been looking for something similar. I'm going to use publisher for technical docs/manuals, and version control or at least diffing the text content is very important for that use case.
  3. A useful feature of ctrl-y 'redo' in many apps is for that hotkey to also repeat the last action, such as changing a property of something. It would be great for us to have that feature. Thanks
  4. A measurer would be great. Particularly for the isometric grids and things like that - the demo of isometric drawing had the instructor hand counting how many large/small divisions between objects - a little arrow that shows distance between elements on a given plane would be excellent. For Max users there's XScope, which is great for lots of things, but for windows I haven't found anything similar. Let me know if you know of one! Thanks
  5. Yes it's a shame, the product itself is so nicely thought out, but that counts for less when you just need to do something and you're not sure if you're doing it wrong or if it's a bug! Looks like you're the defacto community manager Ah well, we'll wait I guess. The piece of work I had to do (some mockups) was in no way possible without grids, so I did it in something else. So I guess I'll check later - wouldn't want to be a graphic designer depending heavily on it though Thanks for your replies
  6. Well, no response and two weeks have passed. Is this forum the best channel for support? It seems to be a clearly demonstrated bug to me, in an important feature, so a quick acknowledgement of it and rough timings would be a big help.
  7. Hi, I'd really like a response on this. Affinity is so capable but all I'm after here is 'snap to grid'. Here's an example on another tool, it just snaps to the grid and away you go. That's all I'm after, how do I do this? I saw another post saying a dev was working on this (around september). Is it still being worked on? I'd like to know if it's a bug or a misunderstanding on my part. Thanks ScreenRecording_12-05-2018 10-18-51.MP4
  8. Thanks for that. I do know about the screen recording but did the 'old skool' to show the physical position of the pencil. The blue circle is pretty big Trying it in the Mac version there is a 'tendency' to snap, but it's not a strong one. An option along the lines of 'constrain to grid' which actually prevents you from starting/finishing a shape outside the grid points would be nice, rather than the 'gentle nudging' you get with the current snapping.
  9. Video attached, thanks for that. For rectangles (where I originally found issues), it's as if it doesn't start the rectangle at the point I start dragging. Rather, it waits for me to move a few mm before starting. I suspected the registration of the pencil was off, but it works accurately with the pencil tool and other apps. In the case of the pencil tool, it seems not to snap in any way but I imagine that's by design. I've shown my snapping settings as well. Thanks IMG.mp4
  10. Hi, I'm trying to snap to grid on iPad (Affinity Designer). I define the grid and divisions, make sure it's shown, go to snapping options and turn on 'snap to grid'. However using Apple Pencil, Designer seems to actively avoid starting my shape (rectangle, line, etc) on a grid intersection point, instead starting it several mm away. When adjusting the shape subsequently, there is a small area around the grid intersections where the node turns green or yellow and snaps. I've tried many permutations of the snapping settings, using the various switches around layers, geometry and so forth, but the behaviour remains. I've tried snapping to the 'main grid' not just the divisions, still no joy. How do I make it only snap to the grid, and snap even if the stroke starts a reasonable distance from it? Thanks
  11. Yes I was happy to see two finger tap for undo in designer for iPad. The same on photo would be lovely.
  12. Just logged in to find how to turn this off. Oh no!! It comes up all the time for fine work or if you are a slow beginner like me. Not to mention then you have a different color selected. I saw an’auto’ toggle in the pipette menu thinking that would fix it but alas. I found this issue immediately in photo, but not designer. I like the extra brush options in photo though so hope for a new option Please put a switch in the options screen, or even better that bottom menu Let me add, this app is bloody amazing!! I’ve always wanted a tool that does what I intend intuitively, and finally feel I can get over my feelings of lament about fireworks being discontinued!
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