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  1. You have it placed on your working area. Place your move tool on 'pages', click and move the block to the left just past the rule. An area will highlight. Release and all will be ok. or View / Studio / click on the ticked 'hide studio'. Ross
  2. Agree with Cecil The answer to the problem is already available. Why not make each post compulsory in the selection of use. There are already the requisite locations, but with the addition of another, all would be resolved Affinity programmes - general Affinity Designer Affinity Photo Affinity Publisher Like me, there a many who use only one programme. We tend to search for the heading or something that designates that programme in our search. The fact that the problem and answer may be resident in the other programmes posts is of no help to me. Publisher is radically different in its user base. We are rarely producers of the inserts. A poster or photograph to me is just something I insert. If I have a problem, and I often do, as a novice. I have to begin to search through 205,000+ posts looking for 'Publisher' headings. I nearly always give up reading the posts past the 10th page. It's easier for me to make a new post. Members are extremely helpful and provide plenty of expertise. With the headings visible, all I would need to look for is 'Publisher'.
  3. Have you placed another 'blank' frame to the left or right of the page number which is a layer partially in front of the numbers? I'm a novice, so this is a guess. Ross
  4. Macek As per comment from CPC, our Antipodean friend. Any chance of reporting the solution? Thank you Ross ex £10 POM
  5. walt.farrel Way to go!! Brilliant. All mine. Thank you so much. Regards Ross
  6. How can I make the install mine? Had a beta which was an early beta. I then obtained an original install from my brother who purchased a copy and let me install to try. I liked it, removed it as it was not mine. Installed the trial, time ran out and I found a copy of the newest beta on the internet and it installed. I didn't think it was right to use a beta as my skills are limited. I have deleted all copies as I have now purchased my own. Still cannot receive facility to validate. Hope you can help
  7. Yes. I have uninstalled the beta and uninstalled the new install. Re-started the computer. No version of Publisher is shown in the programme settings. Downloaded a new copy of Publisher from the email confirmation via the store. Installed. It opened without any validation request. All the publisher documenst that I had originally made are viewable in the 'open recent'.
  8. Affinity store Order history shows purchase Download shows Email address and Product keys
  9. I have been using a copy of Publisher beta, and have now purchased the full programme, Affinity Publisher. I have installed and the programme has started, however it has not requested my email address or my product key. How can I check to see if this programme belongs to me.
  10. Affinity Revolution provides an ebook for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer https://courses.affinityrevolution.com/courses/
  11. Is this what you mean? I have three frames of text, which has continuous text 1,2,3. If I just highlight frame 2 using the 'move' tool, and press delete, the text flows from frame 1 and directly into 3. I can then make another frame where 2 was. I'm a new user. So I apologise for my lack of proper terminology and for my lack of knowledge. Ross
  12. Cecil. Thank you for your reply. Enjoying the day. Spending my time doing elements of my tutorial for Publisher. I'll be an expert in a decade, maybe. Regards Ross
  13. Cecil, Alan Pickup. Thank you for your comments. Given in plain English, for and against. Like you, 70+. Psenda. No idea as to what your are talking about. Perhaps a good reason for the original post. As I am obviously in the wrong forum, where should I have put this post? (My apologies for the incorrect name, but I don't have the knowledge how to get the syntax).
  14. Cecil. Thank you for your information. I've never searched on google for Serif information with regards to forum content.
  15. As we now have 3 brilliant programmes. Is it possible to think that the forums could be split. Designer, Photo and Publisher? I know that nearly all of the controls are duplicated in each programme, and I will be told that all are used in most of the programmes. But most people search for a particular programme heading more than a control. It is already becoming convoluted in the forum search for a particular item. I'm a user of Publisher, so to have to search each posting is a time consumer. Forum posts are already becoming defined to a particular programme. Any thoughts
  16. Vegas 15 is, in my opinion, better than all the others. Feels very much like MoviePlus but with a professional slant. Lots of tutorials available.
  17. I'm quite new to Publisher, but probably cannot give an adequate answer. However in a lesson I have just finished I've been able to change global text using the Colour picker, selecting the desired colour text, using the 'Text Style' Selecting Body 2, edit to make the change. Perhaps someone with greater knowledge can give a better breakdown. I've only been using the programme since purchase of the tutorial. Not even a novice
  18. drippy cat If you ae doing Publisher, can you include me in the 'nag'? Do you have a site I can go to, or can you not put that on this forum? Is it only Udemy? Too many questions. Sorry! Regards Ross
  19. Hello It was me who made the reference to Affinity Revolution in another post. https://courses.affinityrevolution.com/ I purchased the beginner course for Publisher. My level of incompetence made me look for a course that did not assume knowledge. As many of the youtube courses do. You are correct when you say they inadvertently make it a display of their own high level skills. Affininty Revolution show something, then immediately tell you to try it on your own, coming back when you are done. I am only on chapter 4, having done each chapter a number of times before moving on. Looking at other courses I can now see what they are doing but I would struggle to comprehend how they got to where they did. Another comment is that the course is specific to Publisher, and not an add on to another package. It will be some time before I'm able to complete my goal. Regards Ross
  20. Succinct. To the point. Ah well! What a shame. An aide memoir whilst travelling is ok by me. Thank you for the prompt reply.
  21. I know that there are hardback work books for Photo and Designer. Is there an epub version of these books?
  22. SF I agree that many of the tutorials assume knowledge. However I, like you, needed a basic cost conscious package. For £24, I feel that this package suits. I have made a start, but am doing each chapter at least 6 times. Boring I know, but like you I get to practice a lot. I spend most of my time off-line, so the facility given to download is a plus. Wish you well Regards Ross
  23. Hello. I am a novice when it comes to using Affinity. Unable to get to a training establishment I have resorted to computer tutorials. I looked at the Serif tutorials , and whilst the are very good, they are very technical at an early level. Do this, do that. No explanation as how to use a component in full. There a two things that regulate my search. First for me is cost. Retired Silver Serif has limited access to funds. Limited skill level. I searched on youtube and found quite a few training packages. I have found one that appeared ok I then went to their website, obtained costings and went from there. I noticed that https://courses.affinityrevolution.com/ had a number of courses for Affinity. Mine requirement was for Affinity Publisher. It assumes no knowledge of the programme and is taking me from nothing to something a little better. Very interesting. The courses provided by this company has two elements that are of use to me. Training progression in easy segments, with each segment giving the option of replay or moving back or onward. A plus is the added facility to work offline. I can download and replay the videos to suit myself. Reinforces my learning. They also offer contact for support. Hope this helps Regards Ross
  24. Thank you Alfred. I remember you from way back when. Thank you also, firstdefence. I note both your comments. I do understand the cross platform sharing. Still difficult to navigate and locate. Yes the stickies do help. In the times of 'legacy,' I used to spend a lot of time going through posts, finding them enjoyable and gaining information. Some are now too technical for me. Ah well! Regards Ross
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