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  1. Morning all I have a Mac Book Pro, 2012 it works fine apart from the solid state hard drive which is only 128gb with no way of increasing. I keep running out of storage with HD space due to photos so being an Amazon Prime member I took up their offer of unlimited storage, completely unlimited, apart from Video files which are limited to 5gb, also took up amazon offer of unlimited Video storage £16 odd for 12 months. Problem I have is that when I want to edit a photo from Amazon Photo in AP I cannot find the folder that they are in ??, doesn't seem to show up. I also back up my MBP to a 1TB WD Passport to Mac external HD as a safety for my whole MBP system, I would like an opinion as to whether I am wasting my time using Amazon Photo as a storage medium ?, would the passport external be better?. Thanks in advance
  2. That seems a good idea Simon, is this learning curve open ended as far as AP editing is concerned, does it just keep rolling?. thanks for your time
  3. Morning Simon, sounds good, Im sure all folk would appreciate anything that would give them understandable knowledge, especially on an in-depth editing programme like AF, well its in depth for me at least.
  4. Hi Simon, its good news & a very quick response from UDEMY, they have just got back to me & refund a preliminary refund of £240.00. Don't blame yourself, its not your fault & I have no qualms with regards to yourself, you seem a very reasonable person so don't beat yourself up me duck. They blame their billing system but all the same it was a far better immediate response than I expected, mistakes do happen but its how they are rectified that also matter, this was very good as I was in shock for 30 mins, well done to UDEMY. Alls well if it ends well, I will listen to your dulcet tones on the lesson tomorrow, that should be a soother!!. Malcolm
  5. Hi again Glad we had this conversation , just checked my credit card & found that UDEMY have hit me with the full price course £279.96, it was on offer when I purchased but I just dnt know the exact price it was on offer for, just fired the details & complaints off the UDEMY, hope they refund.
  6. ha ha, yes I know Simon , but as far as I can remember I only downloaded your course(s), just don't know how the Hector Carrasquilla got into my system, certainly didn't purposely download it. Not to worry
  7. Hi again Here is a screen grab of what I have got from your courses via udemy, hope I've got the right ones brummy/me duck/geordie !!?? As you can see the one furthest left is the one that I meant :
  8. I don't see any sidebar or photo to download, I am on MacBook Pro , so a little different from the chrome browser which is safari. Im not sure but one of the video "lessons" seem to be with a guy instructing that has a bit of a Spanish accent, took me by surprise as I thought it would be lessons from yourself, hope Ive not snacked the download up. Thanks me duck Malcolm
  9. Hi Me duck! Glad you enjoyed your Nottingham era, you should have been here in the 60s 70s & to a degree the 80s, it was wild...& great! I have purchased 3 of your courses but not had much time to get into them unfortunately, what I did notice was, on the short things I have had a go at, is that they seem different to the demo one I watched before I purchased, one noticeable one is that on the demo it says when you purchase you download a pre loaded picture & the tutorial will guide you as to why you are editing & the process to do it, but I cannot find it, could be me though!. I have also purchased Essential Affinity Photo by Robin Whalley, that lets you download a pic from his sight & the book takes you through the why's & where's of the editing.
  10. hi Yes that has worked, thank you, you say it is a down issue, does Serif going to fix it?.
  11. Does that process work for the ordinary download that I installed from the Serif web site that I first installed?, I believe there is an app but I didn't install it from the App Store.
  12. Hi I have tried that, but when I come out of AP & then back into it I get the same screen.
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