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  1. Gone through the installation process but when starting up publisher I cannot get past the "accept licence agreement terms", having scrolled down the full agreement the accept "button" is greyed out, to get out of this I have to quit, just going round & round, anyone help please?.
  2. RoyalBulwell


    I now understand, thank you.
  3. RoyalBulwell


    Hello Thank you for that reply, I have just received an email from Affinity saying that the workbook will be dispatched this week. May I also ask you, this 1.7 upgrade, is it a free upgrade if you already have AP, or is it a 20% reduction price?. Thanks
  4. RoyalBulwell


    Anyone help ??
  5. I ordered the great looking Affinity Photo workbook back in April, I received email to say that it was out of stock & would be available in June, not received any news about my order as yet, but my question is: with the updated 1.7 on offer will the new book have the new features in it or will it be out of date when I receive it?, anyone help on this question please.
  6. RoyalBulwell

    Start Up

    Thank you
  7. Hi On starting up Affinity Photo I have read that there should be a preview screen, which I am not seeing, I have checked my preferences but there is nothing there to say I have anything turned off. On this "preview", am I right in believing that there are some photo examples there to play with?. Thanks
  8. RoyalBulwell

    Importing question

    Hi Thank you for that, I never knew it existed, which shows I am not familiar with Affinity Photo, much appreciated.
  9. RoyalBulwell

    Importing question

    Yes it is of great help, thank you.
  10. Hi all Just a brief question to anyone in the know please. I use the Mac Book Pro, after I take photos I insert sd card into my MBP, they are automatically downloaded to the native apple app photo. Is this the best way to import the photos into my system?, I ask because, if I go into my affinity photo, there is no way to get the photos straight from affinity out of my native apple photo app, it is "greyed out" when I go through the new process in affinity, so I don't seem to be able to import them directly. I would like a simpler way if anyone could please advise. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi New here, just downloaded the full Affinity Photo after my trial, comparison between PSE 2019 made but decided on Affinity. To me it just seems more user friendly with straight talking language for newcomers to photo editing like my self. I have also ordered the Photo WorkBook as it seems a good addition, only disappointment is that they are out of stock until early June.
  12. Hi I can't seem to apply any of the adjustments that I make to a photo, When I go to help I type in applying å all I get is a white screen. Could anyone help?. Thanks PS I am on MBP
  13. RoyalBulwell


    Hi Thank you, much appreciated reply.
  14. RoyalBulwell

    Introduce Yourself

    Thank you for that piece of advice.