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  1. Of course a determined software pirate has many ways to do his unscrupulous deeds but massive copyrighted, proprietary photography ebooks are sold online everyday, aren't they? That's why I just came to the conclusion that there was little demand.
  2. I somewhat understand Affinity's position (assuming their reason for not doing a PDF version is because of piracy concerns) but PDF can be locked down by a publisher, can't it. Maybe there just isn't enough demand for a PDF version.
  3. Anyone know if there is a PDF version available for either photo or designer? My eyesight's poor so I'd like to be able to adjust the size of the text as you can do with PDF.
  4. I'd just like a simple photo tutorial that like the old photoshop books, would take you step-by-step through each tool necessary to say make a simple photo better. i.e. in other words a project book of simple projects to complete.
  5. I'm brand new at Photo and Affinity, and need to find a filter/adjustment to "fix" a crappy picture that was taken on an cheap camera, back when I was a young GI (1969). Any help?
  6. How does my username attract spammers? What is attractive about it? You mean change it so as not to include my email address, right? Done. and thanks.
  7. How does my username attract spammers? What is attractive about it?
  8. My preview pane in Windows 10 explorer sometimes shows a preview of my file and sometimes it doesn't. No rhyme or reason to the inconsistency that I can see. Anyone else have this problem?

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