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  1. Hi all, quick question if i may. I have downloaded the app onto my second PC. I have not yet had to enter my licence code and can't see an option to do so. I have master pages and assets set up on my other laptop which will take a while for me to get set up on my second PC if i have to do it all from scratch again. I am presuming that after 10 days the app will ask me for the licence code, then it will sych and my assets will be available? Or is there a way to synch it now? I have tried Googling this but can't find the answer. Thanks, Nikki
  2. Hi, me again, the unknowledgable one. I really appreciate your help so far and have another question. I am formatting 3 books. I have been busy adding flourishes to my pages but am getting confused when making them assets. I have had some success in adding assets to reuse, while i haven't with others. As any success has been flukey, i am still none the wiser. I currently have some PNG files with dividers and bits i would like to use. All of my internet searches so far are getting me nowhere. Can someone please instruct me or maybe point me in the direction of a tutorial? I hope i am making sense. Thanks, Nikki
  3. I will also look at the SVG's, which also looks pretty easy. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks, I am now downloading fancy fonts that come with decorations. I am downloading .EPS files, which are the files I am struggling with. I don't want to rearrange or change anything, other than the size, so maybe I should try downloading a PDF to Affinity. Thanks for the replies. I just want the easiest way to decorate as I don't have time or energy for anything too complicated. I have already used up a free trial for designer, but didnt get time to look into it in much depth. It looks great, but i am lacking the funds right now. Regards, Nikki
  5. Hi all, happy new year. I have spent 3 frustrating days trying to work out how to add decoration to my chapters, like text frames for the title, chapter separators and end of chapter decoration. I have been downloading vectors and trying to work with them, but they act differently to what I am used to. I understand they have to be opened with certain software. I don't have designer or anything like that, is there an inexpensive and easy way I can get these elements onto my pages. For example, they normally come in sheets. I managed to separate one and have saved it as an asset (in 2 halves though, unfortunately), but can't seem to scale it. I have looked around online but can't find anything much for a non-techy person. TIA, Nikki
  6. I have a habit of accidentally screwing up things like this. Thanks again, now I can continue my quest! Nikki
  7. Thanks guys, i sorted it. Looks like the box was just hidden, then after i enabled it again, was squashed. I drags on the sides and it is now back to its original size. Thanks for all your help
  8. Hi Callum, thanks for the speedy reply. I already did this, as per the documentation, and now have a tiny box that i can move around. When i started i had the left pages panel. I can only think that the original is hidden, as the main screen seems really big. I wonder if it would be easier to uninstall and then go back to the original settings? Here is a photo of what i mean. Thanks.
  9. Hi all. I am trying to crack on and learn how to use this software but as I follow videos I notice that my master pages screen (was on the left between my vertical toolbar and the page I am working on) has disappeared. I have looked around the screen and settings but cannot find how to get it back. Thanks.
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