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  1. I have been with Serif since inception (PagePus 1). So much admiration for the firm and its aspirations. I often receive notifications of costs and updates. I always get value for money. I hope that all who are currently taking advantage of the offers, have pleasure in the programmes usage. Regards and thank you to all at Serif Ross Jackson Aged 72 and been in isolation since 19 March 2020.
  2. Ash and staff. What an excellent company ethos. Other sites are full of your praise. Xara Talkgraphics forums especially. Good to be part of Serif/Affinity community Keep well, keep safe. Regards Ross
  3. Seems to be a constant theme. Which OS? I like my Android devices, phone and tablet. Love my PC as I can use Affinity. Don't have an Apple machine as I can't afford one. My choice. But I learn most of my 'Publisher' from tutorials that are run on Apple machines. I even use the internet to view the Apple based tutorials when I am using my android devices. Therefore I am an Android, Apple, WindowsPC user. Best of all worlds. Happy bunny
  4. What about https://courses.affinityrevolution.com/p/ebook-affinity-photo-for-beginners Would that suit?
  5. Thank you. I saw that and have set that for my resident file. Have to do it for each file opened, ah well. I was hoping that it could be set for all as a pre-set.
  6. Joachim_L How do you save history? Can it be set as a preference for Publisher?
  7. Hudsonfuture Have you been to the legacy site to see if any current members are willing to send you their old templates files that they downloaded?
  8. Let me know how you get on. I've been lucky. Upgraded to 10. Reinstalled all legacy Serif from CD's. Purchased new affinity, installed from web. all is ok for me.
  9. Joachim_L Sorry for the poor explanation. Publisher has objects placed from Designer and Photo.
  10. Any one made any Templates for publisher? There used to be templates from members in Serif Legacy forums. I'm not good enough yet. Some templates would help. Any thoughts? Ross
  11. Can't see why there would need to be an intergradation in Designer and Photo for Publisher. Publisher 'hosts' the output from Designer and Photo, not the other way round.
  12. Excellent answers. Thank you Yes I agree that files should be imbedded.
  13. Here's a question. I think I know the answer, but... I am using Affininty Photo, Publisher and Designer on a PC. I save to the PC and also to the cloud. If I work off line I can save to cloud when on line and it will update. I can open the file on return. Everything works ok. Now, here's the scenario. I have the facility of obtaining an Apple Laptop. I know that I will need to obtain the Apple programmes. If I use the apple variants and save to files the cloud, can I open them on the PC from the cloud, or is each limited to its own operating system use? Regards Ross
  14. RC-R Thank you for that tip. Tried it. All it does is clear UI. Tab again and it returns it to what it was. Sarakatherine007 has a partial studio visible only. Surely Re-set will give everything back?
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