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  1. 10 hours ago, Jon P said:

    Is the following crash report one that happened when the app ran up, or when it was open for a while?

    The crash report was when it crashed on startup. I run this on a 2017 5K iMac at what I am sure is it's default resolution as I don't remember needing to change it for any reason. The bar moves to different places, the left side of picture, the right side, nowhere.

  2. 2 minutes ago, nwhit said:

    I had this problem with 1.7.1 with tall, narrow picture frames. The zoom bar would appear on the middle to lower third of the frame itself rather than under it. However, in the beta 1.7.2, the problem went away both in the same file I had the issue with plus in any new ones.

    Interesting, I am just glad that with the beta something at least comes up at all now.

  3. @Chris B I wanted to make a correction when I said the beta didn't have this problem. I just came across a previous post where I talked about the beta's problem with color correction but I also had the problem of the layers panel not showing up. I don't have access to my iMac at the moment but I bet clearing the user data will solve this problem.

    On 5/23/2019 at 4:16 AM, KipV said:

    127 and 128 have been by far the buggiest versions of Photo 1.7 for me. When I go to studio > layers the layers panel won't open. Some layers have color shifts. Everything works in 125 which is still installed on one of my Macs.

  4. 10 hours ago, Chris B said:

    Broken how? Do you have a screenshot? 

    By broken I mean when layers is checked under View > Studio > Layers nothing shows up. I didn't make a bug report yet since I thought what this beta did was fix that. This bug only happens on my iMac and not my MacBook. This is similar to the another bug on Publisher (that I did report) where what was wrong only happened on the iMac and not the MacBook.

  5. I got an award this year for my project final and they wanted me to make a short video for it. This was mostly for the book (which is on my Instagram profile) but I thought it was worthy of also bringing up here since the poster was done in Affinity Designer. I first tried to make it in Quark where the book was made but realized it was too difficult to rotate individual letters due to Quark text box funkiness. Maybe I will make a book in Affinity someday too!


  6. I started working with dropping photos into frames this week and ran into problems. Previously with some of the betas this worked but I noticed two issues with the MAS version.

    1. When I try to select the slider Publisher won't let me grab it and disappears before I do so.

    2. The slider will be located far off from the image. With some of the betas it was neatly positioned under the photo. Now there seems to be no rhyme or reason for it's position.

    I just end up using the preset framing positions located under the right click menu. At least this gives me some control but, or course, I can't be exact.

  7. 5 hours ago, fde101 said:

    Hmm... maybe flip them upside down?

    But seriously what I was think more is instead of having small B on the icon quite similar to notifications in other apps maybe experiment with scale and different colors. I point out before the Firefox beta icon worked pretty well. They removed the fox so the icon just became the globe. It was familiar enough, as of course it should be, but different enough to tell which was beta and not at a glance.

  8. 1 hour ago, carl123 said:

    What does it say in Document > Resource Manager ?

    Does it show the document as Linked, Embedded, Missing?

    Oh good, I couldn't find where you were supposed to go to check resources. A weird thing happened, I shut the app down and restarted it and then the image got sharp again! Under resource manager everything is marked as linked. It hope it says good now.

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