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  1. I was just thinking about another advantage of the having pro-typing with both Design and Publisher. Some people may start making a symbol in Designer and then have that symbol available in Publisher when it comes to making layouts. One product is good at assembling the pieces and one is good at layout them out. This may make a lot more sense then relying on a one product solution like Sketch. I am still not sure having one type of work focused on print and another on screen is enough reason to keep programs separate (ie InDesign, XD.)

  2. 10 hours ago, fde101 said:

    As far as I can tell, the adjustment panel creates adjustment layers and offers presets for those layers.  The presets are the only functional provision they offer that is not directly accessible from the Layers studio panel.

    No, the differences are:

    - Each has an icon to easily and quickly see what it does.

    - They don't have to be hidden under a drop down menu.

    - They don't have to be partially hidden where you are forced to scroll down the list.

    - You can drag the panel out so it is visual all the time. Especially useful on larger screens.

    - You can see both the layers panel and adjustment panel at the same time rather than one covering the other up.

    - And like you said they have presets. Someone else can probably find even more differences.

  3. 1 hour ago, fde101 said:

    I actually closed mine because I don't really use the presets and see the panel as a waste of screen real-estate, though I can definitely understand that some people would benefit from the presets as a starting point.

    It doesn't take up any more space really, just makes the words a bit more compact. But then I don't usually work from a small screen if I can help it.

  4. 9 hours ago, fde101 said:

    I have to wonder what percentage of people actually use the Adjustment studio?

    Just curious...  I almost never use that, I just add the layers using the menu on the Layers studio when I want them.

    The adjustment panel allows you to make large incremental changes before getting in the fine tuning which is nice when photos are often far off.

  5. On 1/7/2019 at 2:42 AM, Chris B said:

    I've just reproduced this by:

    1. Expand all the Adjustments
    2. Undock the Adjustments Panel
    3. Dock it again
    4. Levels and White Balance should be missing. 

    I can repo this every time now. I'll update the developers.

    It's good to know you can now reproduce this. Surprising more people haven't reported from the first time @manu schwendener wrote about it. Didn't realize it was missing a few of the adjustment options.

  6. 1 hour ago, Steps said:

    Why do you think that the mobile app is so important?

    I may miss something, but I consider this to be a toy.

    Because people want to draw with something that is like a paper drawing pad and the iPad is closer to that then a Mac. The first iPad and first iOS were not up to the task of running a serious drawing app and that is the reason they waited so long to bring Affinity to iPad. However as I understand it the feature set on iPad is very close to Mac/Windows with the gap only continuing to close in. What will not close in any time soon is the giant spec difference between computer and iPad. This is a serious category because even Adobe has announced bringing Photoshop over to the iPad. If anything could even say there will be more innovation happening on the iPad since the computer version of a lot of these desktop apps is pretty mature.

  7. Most of there experience hasn't been as a direct competitor to Adobe/Macromedia/Aldus. As I understand it they have been more of a consumer graphics company and are just now taking on the pro market for the first time ever. Again I don't know how they would build it (whatever their skill set) given the extreme technical limitations / high cost of an iPad Pro. A 6gb of ram Pro is close to the $2000 mark. Even if every Affinity user had the latest tablet the specs still wouldn't be enough to make the type of product some people seem to want to. I believe Adobe's app cross pollination has been more about trying to sell people software updates then the best long term strategy to take.

  8. Adobe has been trying to cram functionality of many apps for over a decade now to little success and I am very questionable that Serif is going to do it right. I love the fact that personas are not hidden under drop down menus especially when working from a large screen. Remember too that Affinity needs to work on smaller sized iPad screens now as well so the everything and the kitchen sink approach becomes impossible. Also iPads are very limited on resources compared to PCs/Macs.

  9. 7 minutes ago, fde101 said:

    While I'm not convinced of the utility of merging these three applications, I don't think this need be the holdup.  For example, users could be allowed to pick and choose which personas to include in the toolbar, or it could be turned into a popup list selector instead of individual buttons.  Some of them might be context-sensitive, such as some of the personas from Photo only showing up when a pixel layer is selected, and having the the Photo persona would probably eliminate the need for Designer's Pixel persona, for example.

    I think Affinity's ability to pass a file back and forth between apps is adequate. I don't recall having any hardship with passing a file back and forth.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Steps said:

    I would like to install one single application that has all the capabilities and where I can license "modules" like the photo, vector or publishing modules.

    I don't know how that could work. Their personas are subdivisions of the apps main function but if you rolled all the personas from all the apps into one it would probably take up most of a toolbar and I don't think that is the solution people are looking for. One of the great things about Affinity is that they don't have the bloat that Adobe is known for. I am very thankful for that.

  11. 15 hours ago, Fixx said:

    Publishing and prototyping are two very different fields though many tools are useful in both.

    In a lot of ways they are not that different.

    - Both are layout tools.

    - Both can have multiple page sizes (at least InDesign can.)

    - Have photo and drawing tools built in.

    - Rely on a third party plug-in system for to do the workflow.

    15 hours ago, Fixx said:

    I wish Affinity will produce either a separate prototyping application which works alongside with Designer or adds prototyping functions as plugins to Designer. Either way they would do more revenue to Affinity.

    I would just wonder how an Affinity product like that would be different from the competition that is currently out there.

    12 hours ago, Steps said:

    Publisher comes packed with Assets for iOS 12 prototyping so I got a strong feeling that Serif has this use case in mind.

    Yeah, interesting point. Like I said in other threads just remaking InDesign / Quark / Sketch / XD doesn't make a lot of sense which one of the Serif guys agreed with and said that had plans to go beyond what those products could do (this was before Publisher was released.) The question I have for the people who say "make prototyping a separate app" is how exactly is this different from what we already have today? If they can't answer that question then it is hard to justify making the software.

    12 hours ago, Steps said:

    So in this regard I don't really understand the feedback from @MEB at the beginning of the thread how Designer compares to Sketch. 

    I think I can guess what he meant. At this point in time Designer has had several years to mature so they have been able to advance the product more in several areas including prototyping. I didn't take that as meaning that Serif would necessarily avoid adding prototyping to Publisher in the future.

  12. 2 hours ago, Mark Oehlschlager said:

    @MEB @KipV

    I would hope that Publisher remains focused on the use case of Desktop Publishing, and that if Affinity wishes to create a Web/App UI/UX prototyping  tool, that they would either extend Affinity Designer or, better yet, create a stand-alone application dedicated to the purpose of Web/App UI/UX workflows. 

    Or I wonder about having that persona in both Designer and Publisher? The weird thing about prototyping tools is that they occupy this middle ground between layout and drawing. Also worthy of pointing out Publisher will also be a drawing persona and does good and layout (which the other two products don't do all that well.) This is why it made more sense to me to work it into Publisher, but like I said putting it into both apps might be an answer as well.

  13. @MEB To me it seems like the most logical way to start a layout tool in 2019 (as opposed to 1999 or 1985 when prototyping tools were not really around yet) is to build prototyping in (along) with eBook support. Also modern computers have so much more resources these days that adding the additional functionality wouldn't be a problem it seems (as long as it is split into different personas so it doesn't become bloated.) I am sure if it makes sense for a company like the one which makes Sketch to only have one product instead of an entire suite of products working together.

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