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  1. This post is about something I didn't think was possible. I do my painting in Corel Painter (at least until Affinity comes with a contender), but this topic is not about the Painter, but about Affinity Photo. Working with musicians, mainly from Norway and the US, and as we all know an album or LP in vinyl, has at least 8 tracks typically. So as my artwork basically are digital-based today, I can do as musicians - publish an LP, not with 8 tracks, but with 8 paintings. Let me add that LP here is not 'Long Playing', but 'Long Painting' (-: So when the first painting was done, I
  2. Well thank you, Patrick, at least you are honest 😂 ps, not arguing, just asking - the programs work for me at least (using maybe 2,43 per cent of their options - and still happy he he).
  3. I see the workbooks is here but is it only an option to order these books as physical books? If the answer is 'yes', why don't Affinity have the same option for these books as download as pdf files? I hardly buy physical books any longer, so if it's only hardback versions, Affinity loses at least one purchase this way (from me).
  4. @SrPx For the difference between art and illustration, note that I wrote: "To be an artist is for me never about technique" In other words, what I say is 'for me', not a general statement. Illustrators are artistic or whatever, but for ME I don't care as long as I don't have to illustrate. It doesn't mean that I don't like illustrations or whatever as long as I don't have to illustrate. See my point? When I was running a underground gallery in Oslo, Norway, I had lot's of artists - from fresh artists to international legends as lovely Christo and Jean-Claude. Sad to say that Chris
  5. @SrPx I guess you are more tech than me (-: I use computers as I used my pencils. Never had the need for expensive brushes, mostly I used a brush with an angle on the handle close to the bristle head (also called radiator brushes) as my canvases were at least 200x160 cm. I use software the same way, even in Corel Painter (which I have used for more than ten years) I guess there is not many per cent of full options I use. I have no time to investigate tech but know enough to my artwork. Used PaintShop, but when my printer guy told me I should go for Adobe RGB, I stopped with PaintShop a
  6. @lian00 - strange. Are you able to give me the size of your work 'A3' with 300dpi? I said 'strange' as I have worked with images (all 300dpi), in size up to 50'612 x 4'223 pixels. Haven't done larger, but even this size Affinity Photo took without any problems (-:
  7. @SrPx, not sure what you mean with PD or CSP? CMYK, never use that. Never use black, as pigments (when I painted on canvas, or digital). Using the palette and mix (as I did when working with acrylic) black from only red, blue and yellow. To be an artist is for me never about technique, it's like musicians say, all about if you have found your own 'voice'. If a visual artist doesn't have her or his own 'voice', is s/he a true artist? That's the only definition of an artist in my world? Have been a selected artist with my art projects, by among others UNESCOs head office in Paris, bu
  8. SrPx, yes, both vector as pixels, but for me, that's not really the point. I use 'illustration' in the meaning of illustrating something as if I illustrate literature, a book front cover or a magazine front cover. With some few exceptions, I never accept commissions. My artwork doesn't illustrate anything, and even as it's semi-figurative, it's colours, lines and planes that interest me. The result is that I work abstract, and the painting doesn't illustrate anything (that's up to the viewer).
  9. Hello, a bit late here, but I guess the question is still valid? As a professional artist since 1983, previously acrylic on canvas, but mainly using digital painting and drawing tools for 12 years now. For my artwork, I only paint with Corel Painter 2021. BUT from there it's only Affinity tools; Photo - Designer and Publisher. Especially Affinity Photo is used. Finished a work, of course saving as a riff file (Corel), and then save that as tiff as Affinity don't take riff (but that's ok for me). I refuse to use anything from Adobe as I don't support their policy, but even if I
  10. Good point, I actually have landed on the same conclusion. Should we then ask S. Affinity to start to develop an Affinity Painter - then we can both use the same program? (-:
  11. Medical Officer Bones, I do appreciate and respect your answer highly. From what you explain this time it's easy to see that we work in very different areas. My background is in painting on large canvases where I mixed my paint - buying 50 litres with PVA (acrylic base) and mixing it with raw pigments. Through the painting process, I put the canvas on the floor and washed away some of the paint before all was dry, to get the effect I wanted in the result. To give you two examples, first, it's a portrait I did in 1985. In the photo here it's hanging home at an art collector so you can see the s
  12. Point taken Fixx (-: Just remember I'm an artist, and even if I have worked a lot with HTML coding and large sites, I'm absolutely not a tech guy (-: When I worked with my large canvases and acrylic paint, I have to admit that the artwork was not always kindly treated. They were stuffed into vans to bring them to exhibitions and so on, and not much better inside my studio. But I can tell you that when paintings were sold for ten thousand USD and upwards - the gallery treated them like fragile glass when bringing them to the art collectors. A friend who is a curator at the Munch Museum in O
  13. Puh, that's great - then my printer will not kill me (-: Lucky to have a great gichlee printer here in Norway, he only work for artists - so all prints has to go through me. But he always call me, "check this and that" - but the results are just amazing, so he is keeping the standard for me. When I sell outside Norway I just sell the files for download, and based on some recommendation from me, the buyer do the printing locally (great if they are in Japan or even UK). I was on the wild hunt for alternative to Affinity, even looked at Photoshop in my desperation. But please Affinity
  14. Thank you Walt. Important information again here, and I get frustrated, seem that whatever program I use, it must be something. Hey, I don't ask for much - but as I sell my artwork as digital files, in tiff - I need the best quality. Meaning, Adobe RGB 1989 colour profile, at least 16-bit colour depth, and an uncompressed file. But to what you wrote, do you say that LZW compression is giving the SAME quality in all ways, as an uncompressed file? Sorry guys, I get frustrated here - is it ONLY Photoshop that wants to give me what I need? Don't know if I should scream or cry - I don't wa
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