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    My kids and wife ;D Art, Gaming, Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Martial Arts, TV, Boardgames, Did I say games?

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  1. I actually felt the same. I tried a bit of stuff... In the end I think it was my initial lack of planning the piece and instead diving right in ("I want to do stuff now!!!!"). I stopped at some point and just got on with it. But the point is definitely VERY valid and I'll keep it in mind for new projects... unless my impatient me wins again ^^'
  2. I worked in 16bit. But converting back to JPG for web display makes the banding reappear albeit to a somewhat lesser extent
  3. Hey everyone. This is a piece I finished recently in Affinity Designer. I wanted to create the look and feel of 70s retro scifi illustrations and at the same time I wanted to stay 100% vector. No traces, no bitmaps, no pixel layers. Critique, opinions and questions welcome :D
  4. Hey ^^ Don't worry. I remember books, too! I haven't had the pleasure to read "The Stars My Destination" yet. A good one? I think one of the last scifi novels I read was "Golem XIV" by Stanislav Lem fascinating read though. Glad that you like the artwork
  5. Between projects I sometimes have time to try something new. I am totally fascinated by anything science fiction. And I really love what the guys at Bungie are doing design-wise with their typography. So I set my goals: Make a artwork that is 100% vector art, scifi, and rocks a typography that you might find in destiny. I absolutely wanted to use Affinity Designer for this and continue to get better at Modo. As it is a really great vector software. The planet was created procedurally inside of Grand Designer and rendered there. The space station was modeled and rendered in Modo. All textures and renders where then traced. I had to fall back to AI for autotracing tracing though. But apart from that I didn't touch it ^^ The results were then copied to Affinity designer and combined into the design and worked on with a lot of gradients. The result is pure vector. I also attached a breakdown to be completely transparent about everything. The whole project was finished in about 16 hours from idea to artwork. If you would like to know more or have some questions/remarks, please let me hear it! Thanks!
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