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  1. Hi All, I'm David Wildish


    I've been skulking around the forums for a while and posted a few bit of artwork.


    I'm a graphic designer with over 10 years experience in the publishing and advertising field, I turned freelance at the start of this year under the branding Flokk Creative Ltd - www.flokkcreative.co.uk.

    My main love is illustration, I'm rarely without a pen or pencil, scribbling some random crap and like to play with a range of styles.


    My illustration pieces have been a valuable marketing tool and have recently turned into a niche service I provide for design agencies and clients who require my vector skills.


    I used Quark back in the day, before migrating to the Adobe way of life...however, I have been seriously hoping for a decent alternative to the Adobe cash cow - having never really falling in love with Illustrator, which seamed to lack obvious additions such as quick way to flip items and the huge glut of pallets always required to be open.


    I was very pleased to stumble upon the Affinity beta, and purchased on the morning of release - I have high hopes for the publishing and photo packages due soon.

    It would be good to have a gallery area, or showcase site, to encourage artist to upload and share artworks.

  2. Sorry to add to your probably huge and very long list of requests this is not a essential, but something that helps speeds up a daily process....


    When setting up area as such as bleed and guides etc, after entering the first value in "other" programs hitting tab will fill all remaining boxes with the same value.

    Presently each box has to be manually entered. 


    Not at all essential just a nice touch to add, when including the bleed options :)


  3. Have you guys thought of approaching schools and offering your software either free or reduced cost?


    In the early day I think most of us would have to own up to 'acquiring' a copy of Adobes offering to learn the skills that would be otherwise impossible, because lets be honest what kid can afford a £1000 design suit?


    My son is in his last year of school and is completing a GCSE in graphic design, I was shocked to find out that the school did not teach any correct form of Adobe software only paint shop pro and an old copy of fireworks.


    If kids where to learn this off the bat, and leave school loving the software and equally it did not cripple the school to provide it as a learning tool.


    I think it would provide you a solid foundation of loyal users wanting to move forward and use this in the professional world.



  4. Hi Flokk, are you wanting to paste the style of one object onto another? If so, this can be achieved by selecting the object you want to use as the source, choosing 'Copy', then selecting the destination object and choosing 'Paste Style' (Cmd+Shift+V). We don't currently have a format painter tool, but it sounds like we need to add one...


    Fantastic work, incidentally! :)




    Thank you very much :)


    A dropper tool would be fantastic...I have also used it in illustrator to clone text styles from one box to another also, so is a massive time saver.

    As a good substitute I have found the styles pallets works well, and I have integrated into my work flow very easily.

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