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  1. Not exactly. I'm looking for something in which I can select the object like this: And by using the handles, change it's proportions to look like this: Is there anything that can do that relatively quickly (it's very useful during the sketching phase of my drawings for quick adjustments)
  2. One feature I've always loved in (Pixel) drawing programs like PaintTool SAI was the ability to change the proportions of a drawing after it was drawn through the adjustment of handles around its edge. This could also be used to adjust the perspective of things. I've seen something similar in AD already (In the video in which they created a mock-up billboard for AD to show off how to adjust perspective) and I was wondering if this could be (quickly) applied to a pixel drawing? (i.e. using the lasso to isolate a body part like an arm or a leg and adjusting that.) I'm not sure I did very good explaining this, I suppose I could to find a video and paste in a link? Hmm
  3. I haven't found any import method either, aside from opening the document and copy/paste-ing it into the new one. It works without a hitch for me.
  4. Very nice... Love your style, especially on the Volkswagen!
  5. I would find it useful to be able to add text boxes or object that are visible off the white space, for instance, Being able to put a little circle or something to use as a horizon point would be great, as I currently use the corner of a window when zoomed to fit.
  6. Very cool... I've not heard of them, but it does seem similar. This picture is solely inspired by Welcome to Night Vale, a (FREE) podcast from the perspective of Cecil Palmer, a radio newscaster from and for the simple little Lovecraftian town of Nightvale. It is host to a wide array of... interesting happenings. You should check it out! Also, yes. I couldn't imagine doing this without drawing it out first; I'd spend so much time on the vectors that I'd forget all my ideas before I put them down. (Hopefully this will be remedied when i get my Intuos drawing tablet... Only a week or so away now!)
  7. Told a friend they'd be able to find something i did on these forums about a week ago, but I haven't gotten to finishing it, so here's the sketch... It's not really going to look the same in the end, especially since I'm still deciding how I want to go on color. It's supposed reflect the podcast in the sense that it will be to be dark themed, but also meant to have undertones of beauty, so finding the balance between color and... not seems like it will be difficult. EDIT: Updated with the most recent version, of which... I'm not exactly happy with. I was just messing around with colors and effects mostly, any suggestions?
  8. Turns out it's a lot harder than expected to draw the black depths of space.

  9. I'm sure there's a way, and I've just missed it, but is there any way to combine two separate curves, making them one? Also, does this work with closed figures? Basically, on a drawn figure, I have a head and a body, both separate curves, both close figures. I need to cut out part of the head where the "neck" would be and do the same to the body, then join those two gaps, heaving a whole figure and keeping the original shape of both of them.
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