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  1. yeah music fonts are a bit specific Oh thank you, loaded without problems. the version of publisher that was current in december 2018
  2. Hi the title said it all Wanted to update the content and cannot open it at all, Clavote Mesures simples.afpub
  3. Arial MT keeps showing up in this document although I have deleted this font several month ago from my system https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/80898-where-are-my-arial-variants-gone/&tab=comments#comment-428159 Arial MT is now my [No style] character and paragraph DEF font. Any Idea how to get rid of it once for All
  4. I'll add my "me too" for support of PDF forms in publisher In the mean time I'll have to use PDF-Xchange pro ... not bad though CLav
  5. Hi I have a series of numbered paragraphs. If I try to BOLD the first word of the paragraph the Number gets also BOLDED 1. Bolded normal blabla Any Idea to workaround this annoyance?
  6. select all cells in studio open the table panel you will find all the formating you need Clav
  7. in the find replace panel is it possible to find all text that is written with Arial MT and replace its font by Arial regular. I tried it several times by selecting / changing items in both "cog" menus with no success. That must be possible ? Clav
  8. I read the thread about inline graphics but although I agree the importance of inline graphics I dont feel it is relevant to my proposition Clav
  9. Hi Tables can be very powerful tools for setting up the content of a page. we should be able to insert pictures and objects into table cells and apply the usual "Cell alignements and centering" we use normally for text Clav
  10. Hi It would be very useful to improve the UI of all Affinity Apps by giving us: open/close left studio panel and open/close right studio panel as a keyboard shortcut C
  11. thank you Walt indeed there was an entry in the prefs that I missed have a nice Day Clavote
  12. Hi Its difficult for me to switch mentally from displaying pt. (the usual unit of font size) to mm (the usual layout unit of page layout ) I would find it much more easy for me to have all fonts sizes always in pt. and all other measurements in mm the switch thru the prefs is clumsy I'm evidently not a grafic designer as my question may be ridiculous for the pros Clavote Ps I know that I can enter sizes in any supported units in the entry boxes
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