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    Imported PDF Errors

    same problem here just to point that this is important but In Sibelius if you "print" to PDF-Xchange the Pdf reads fine in AP
  2. I understand that the beta preferences set is not transferred to the release version. can this be made manually?
  3. Complicated situation ahead (sorry English is not my main language) with the pen draw a horizontal line across the page (stroke width 5pt) duplicate the line 4 times below with the move tool shorten some of the duplicated lines to different sizes with a simple drag (drag to resize selection) although the stroke width wasn't changed, when I print, I get 5 lines with different stroke width when I print to PDF with Pdf-XChange the strokes display and print as intended (same stroke with) redo points 1-2 now with the move tool shorten some of the duplicated lines to different sizes with shift+Drag (preserve aspect ratio) the print is right (same original stroke width) there is something wrong!! in case 1 the print driver follows the "preserve aspect ratio" scheme by increasing or decreasing the stroke width in case 2 neither the display nor the print changes when resizing by shift+Drag (preserve aspect ratio) the stroke with is not affected by the operation (wich I can understand btw.) to me the conclusion is: do not print from AD or AP as any thick stroke could be looking different than intended hope somebody can reproduce this printed on a Hp laserjet 3015 PCL5
  4. Hi in last pub beta I'm left with only one ARIAL font... ARIAL MT regular and cannot select ARIAL regular as it reverts back to ARIAL MT. In earlier Pub betas and in designer1.65 I could see and select all the variants of ARIAL (9 of them).
  5. LibreTraining Thanks a lot for your help, everything went back to normal when I deleted Arial MT (1) from the Windows/font folder and rebooted! it was indeed a duplicated font Have a nice Day Claude
  6. other multi-variants fonts work (Open Sans) as intended only ARIAL fails to show the variants in AP and AD current betas
  7. when I use the win10 font display I can see Arial (9) Arial MT (1) Arial rounded (1) Arial Unicode (1) as my locale is Swiss french I reloaded Pub in french, same problem Edit: the same behaviour is present in both current Beta of AP and AD but in AD 1.65 works as intended
  8. in the find replace panel is it possible to find all text that is written with Arial MT and replace its font by Arial regular. I tried it several times by selecting / changing items in both "cog" menus with no success. That must be possible ? Clav
  9. select all cells in studio open the table panel you will find all the formating you need Clav
  10. Hi Tables can be very powerful tools for setting up the content of a page. we should be able to insert pictures and objects into table cells and apply the usual "Cell alignements and centering" we use normally for text Clav
  11. Thanks for showing me the relation, have a nice day Clav
  12. I read the thread about inline graphics but although I agree the importance of inline graphics I dont feel it is relevant to my proposition Clav
  13. Hi It would be very useful to improve the UI of all Affinity Apps by giving us: open/close left studio panel and open/close right studio panel as a keyboard shortcut C
  14. Hi Its difficult for me to switch mentally from displaying pt. (the usual unit of font size) to mm (the usual layout unit of page layout ) I would find it much more easy for me to have all fonts sizes always in pt. and all other measurements in mm the switch thru the prefs is clumsy I'm evidently not a grafic designer as my question may be ridiculous for the pros Clavote Ps I know that I can enter sizes in any supported units in the entry boxes
  15. thank you Walt indeed there was an entry in the prefs that I missed have a nice Day Clavote
  16. Thanks Meb Half of my problem is solved the printing part is still strange
  17. I'm using AD for some month now and I have been annoyed by this behaviour: why does AD UnGroup a Grouped construct when in Outline view ? What is the reason behind this ? this doesnt make sense to me Claude
  18. Hi All in AD how would you place an item at say 20 mm from a point on another item? also how to duplicate an object at y-20mm? coming from Autosketch where this was easy Tank you in advance Clavote
  19. Thank you all lot to learn but still no way to directly create a new objet with an X or Y offset to a "reference"point. or I still need another explanation maybe The fastest way I found was to create the new object, snap it to the "reference" point then x+20 very helpful people here !!!! Clavote also I couldn't find a keyboard shortcut to directly enter a value in the 4 transform boxes (X,Y,W,H)