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  1. Thank you v_kyr. It does look as though that's what happened. I saw that in the printer dialog but decided it didn't apply and closed it. I've just looked at it again and read the manual but I find it's disabled by default, you have to select it to use it! In theory it shouldn't apply unless enabled. I had to go to Printer Features to set the dpi and paper type and layout wasn't mentioned there. In the end I phoned Canon support and they were as puzzled as I am. They asked for evidence and I've sent them photos of what I get, what I want to get (printed on plain paper), and screenshots of my settings. Hopefully they'll have an answer for me. Edited to add: I haven't heard back from Canon support, but I have found a workaround that gets me my result: I exported each page of my Publisher document separately as a .jpg and printed them perfectly well on glossy paper from Affinity Photo. Why did that work when printing from Publisher didn't?
  2. I have a strange problem. I am trying to print single pages which will eventually become an 8-page booklet to insert in a cd case. Each page contains 2 images butted up against each other in the centre of an A4 sheet which later gets cut to size (120 x 240mm). The whole thing printed perfectly as a draft on plain paper but as soon as I set the paper to photo the image shrinks to about 100 x 50mm in one corner of the paper. I've tried sizing the image to exactly what I want at 300 dpi to match the driver setting but it doesn't make any difference. Nor does saving it as a .pdf file. The quality is fine, it's just the size. I'm using a new Canon IP8750 printer. It's driving me mad. Any ideas? Giffy CD.afpub Giffy_CD_pdf.pdf
  3. Thank you for this suggestion. It could be just what I need for my endless labels. I'll try it out. Guess it won't load PP files though!
  4. I agree that the EULA text is impossible to read - the contrast is terrible and it could be a bit bigger.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, Dave, but it's highly unlikely as I never use keyboard shortcuts for anything as I can never remember them! I can't check it though as I deleted the whole thing in disgust and started again using page rows and columns, which was tedious but worked. When I have time I'll try the table again and see if I can find some way of going back into a cell to edit the contents.
  6. Thanks for this suggestion. I was about to give up after installing Flexify 2 (trial version) which cut the image up into blocks and made most of them transparent, just working on the others. Then I did the Select All as suggested and got some promising results, without the transparent blocks. Then I switched to Safari to come on here, and got a notice that APhoto had crashed! That didn't happen when I was actually using it though, and it restarted ok. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks, FirstDefence, I'll give it a try. At least now I know how to get to the plugins! And by the way, I am a Mac user now, and busy re-learning everything I knew on Windows.
  8. I would love it if the Flaming Pear *.8bf plugins (eg Flexify) could be used with APhoto. I found it very useful with Photoshop for digital art and greeting card projects. In fact I can find no way to try to install them on the Mac as the Finder does not list the component files of APhoto. Is there a plugin folder and where do I find it?
  9. Sorry Fixx, I added a page to the first one and it appeared on the pasteboard under the first one when I scrolled up. i moved the object I'd removed from the first page down the screen to level with the second page and inserted it, no problem. I've done this several times with several objects and it worked every time. It was realising that the second page was available by scrolling that made this possible. It's a boon for me as I regularly make two-page catalogues and often have to shift the pictures around between the pages for the best fit. By the way, I notice that walt.farrell mentioned that one could zoom out so that both pages are visible. That's not so different from what I was doing.
  10. Now that I know how to set the required number of rows and columns in a table, how do I set the height of all rows to be the same in one action, ditto the width of the columns, preferably by typing in a number somewhere but at least by watching the numbers at the side and top? I know they can be manipulated individually but that's a nuisance in a big table. Could we not have an Excel-type system?
  11. Thanks Walt - what a relief to know that this is possible! I was so sure it wasn't I didn't even mention it, but it's something that's been bugging me. Unckecking "clip to canvas" isn't very intuitive, is it? And now I find I can put an object on the canvas, scroll up and place it on another page, as I've been used to doing for years in PagePlus. Bliss!
  12. Having finally, with the help of these forums, discovered how to set up a table with the required number of columns and rows, I am now finding it difficult to edit text in the cells. I can type into a cell, not too difficult (except with the top left-hand cell!), but if I want to go back and edit the text later I can't. The cursor simply won't go back to the line of type. I've tried it with and without the table selected, using the body text tool and the artistic text tool (which sort-of worked in an empty cell but produced a text box I didn't really want) and I still couldn't edit or erase the original text in the cell. I had to delete the whole table and start again. What's the trick? Going back to a table after leaving it also meant I couldn't adjust the number of rows and columns as I could when setting up a new table but only using the 'insert' and 'delete' commands. There also seems to be no way to repeat the same text in every cell except by manually copying and pasting - rather tedious with you have 65 cells as in a return label sheet! I do a lot of labels. Please tell me there's an easy way! I can't use my beloved PagePlus (used since the first beta version) any more as my Windows computer has died and I really don't want to spend money on a new one just for labels. Another problem: As an alternative to using tables I've managed to divide a page into x rows and y columns, but was unable to set a gutter for columns but not rows, they had to be equal. But my sheet of labels had gutters for columns only. In this case it didn't matter much as I was centering the text anyway so just had to watch the length of each line, but I can imagine a scenario where this could be quite important. What am I missing?
  13. As I’ve already said, I no longer have access to PP so I can’t resave my files in a different format. Unfortunately I didn’t know my Windows computer was suddenly going to die and be uneconomical to fix.
  14. I do a lot of greeting cards too as well as business cards and have templates for all of them set up on PagePlus. It’s a pity I can’t open PP documents on Publisher. Would it really be so difficult? After all Affinity opens Adobe files.
  15. My sentiments exactly! I no longer have a Windows computer so can’t use my PagePlus, and if Publisher can’t provide this quite basic facility I will have to find something that does
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