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  1. You are literally translating what I said instead of figuratively understanding the intent. Perhaps I needed to say "promise", meaning that the selling card is that I could use Affinity as if it was Photoshop? And, of course, I can --- just not 100%.
  2. As a person who came to Affinity on the promise of replacing Photoshop, this is disappointing at best. It acts like Photoshop and certainly makes life easier with common commands, but without plugin compatibility it is not a replacement. As for Windows vs Mac, there is enough of us in both worlds to accommodate both IMHO. Implementing a plugin based on a "works in both principal" is not practical. Full Stop.
  3. It would be nice to hear from Affinity on this topic. Not only does NIK not work, but there is a bug I demonstrated where it shows 2 plugins as "working" when they are not. Affinity - have you as much as talked to Alien Skin?
  4. Dear Affinity, It's well over a year now and no Photoshop plugins work in Photo! In particular, NIK and Alien Skin are required for my workflow. When I was in your beta, I raised this issue and the answers were not good. Despite that, I still purchased Designer and Photo with the hope that one day they would work. It's not like these plugins breathe rarefied air --- NIK was bought by Google and are free and Alien Skin Eye Candy and Image Doctor are right up there as most popular used. After updating to 1.65, I see no progress has been made as can be seen by this short video I created. Alarming, at best. On top of that, there is actually a bug where preferences says 2 of the NIK filters work when in actuality they do not (and I tested this with a photo not in the video). Here's the screenshot of that. Having said all of this, I am not here to blast you or inflame anyone and will not respond to anything of that ilk. Au contraire, I am here again to beg/plead you to be decisive about Photoshop plugins. This has been a gray situation that is perpetuated from my point of view and demonstrated by the short list of plugins you indicate are certified. In the next few weeks I have to make a decision about Adobe because my CS 5.5 Extended has hit a new problem for which the only current answer is to join the horrible Adobe Cloud --- and for which, by the way, a support agent I spoke to yesterday let me know that 80% of us older customers have voiced opposition to the Adobe Cloud model and yet 80% of those have still relented and have joined. I truly love your approach, the great support and the reasonably close proximity to Photoshop and while I am still a novice I have also adapted Designer as my main vector program without any issues. But Photo won't happen for me without compatibility for existing plugins as I have 100's of files using both NIK and Alien Skin Eye Candy and Image Doctor. It's likely nontrivial for you and equally nontrivial for me. If I know you have a plan to fix this once and for all, I can live with the delay until you get there (months, but not years!). In fact, I have said this before, I would bet you a nice dinner that the great folks at Alien Skin would work with you in some mutual way to get all their plugins working. If there is no plan or the plan remains gray then I will reluctantly buy Adobe Photographer for my business which will cost me about the same as if I followed my older strategy with Adobe to upgrade every 2nd version. I hate the thought of supporting Adobe, but like 80% of 80% who also hate it I will be compelled to buy it (and thus abandon Affinity Photo) --- this part of your strategy is not a winner as a purchase may not equate to adoption and in the long run those $'s will go to Adobe. Rob-> PS: I also use Vertus Fluid Mask 3, which also does not work and while not as popular as NIK or Alien Skin, there is a big customer base.
  5. I'm having a whale of a time trying to figure out a problem and would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me figure out and correct a problem with the attached AF file, which is the logo for my business. The problem: When I export this to a WMF file and then use that in another program to import the vector, I am getting an error that there are paths that are not closed, thus the import can't proceed. As you can see, there is text, a bitmap fill and a curved object (the thumbs up). I want to believe there is no problem with text and if there is I have no clue how to fix that (yes, I tried converting to curves and that doesn't, by itself, help the problem). So it comes down to the curved object. When I select it, I see 5 red square nodes and all the rest is blue square/circle nodes. I have tried to be self-resourceful, but I don't seem to find anything that helps me "close path(s)". I've seen some suggestions here that there is a desire to have AF show indicators or provide a tool that would detect open paths. With this experience, I certainly would support that suggestion and would add that an intelligent option to close the path(s) would be helpful as well. Although I am not a newbie, I am not a professional and only use what I need so this is getting deeper than my knowledge/capability. Again, if anyone can save the day for me I would appreciate it greatly and if you are in the SF Bay Area I'd be delighted to buy you a beer or wine! PS: Is there a way to easily convert this to an AI file? I also have Corel Draw and can do it there, but I have to always try a ton of options with respect to version of AI and it always comes down to a trial-and-error exercise. YIC Logo V2.afdesign
  6. For all the freebies, it would be helpful (even needed) to know what is the same and what is different. On top of that, if they are the same, is there any harm in re-installing them?
  7. Thank you Patrick! It's really nice you guys/gals are so responsive!
  8. Thank you - didn't realize the solution was so obvious (maybe that's why I had a hard time figuring it out!).
  9. When I import an AI file in to Designer, I get a white background despite the fact that AI is a transparent background. What do I need to do to have either a transparent background or change the white to some other color?
  10. You raise a good point. The water drop should have been blue and it is black in InkScape. The font comes out different as well (Oswald, which I don't think was the font used). I only trust Chrome to be correct or not as, whether I like it or not, that is the browser most widely supported and the one that usually works best. FF is a close second, but still not first. The minor issues of color and font can be easily changed and that is the point of AD bringing it in as correctly as possible. Most programs will just replace a font with some kind of algorithm for a smart match -- at least that's what Adobe and Microsoft do. If AD would just load fast and roughly correctly, it will have done its job. That's what I am hoping development will fix.
  11. Sean, see attached. InkScape opened the SVG perfectly for me --- nothing missing!
  12. In this case, changing anything Open Badge Factory produces is not an option. If you read more about what open badges are, they are a means of recognition in any application. Typically online communities, idea exchange...stuff like that. There is a connection between Factory and repositories such as Mozilla Backup and Open Badge Passport so anything you change locally won't work. The better option is to design your own and then upload them to Factory (which they allow you to do as a PNG). The convenience and consistency of them generating one is tough to overcome. If you have the skill, ultimately making your own is a better option and that would be my plan down the line, but for now I have to let them make it while I prototype (we always have to decide where our time is best spent).
  13. How ironic. Before I joined the Windows AD beta, I had been using InkScape and CorelDraw. AD blew me away and I had uninstalled both after purchasing it when it was released! I'll install InkScape in a few days and see it work. Thanks again Mike for a good workaround until the folks at Affinity can do something to fix the problem.
  14. Thanks for trying Mike. No, SVG is the only option. The reason I wanted to bring it in to AD is to convert it to PNG. They say PNG is up for discussion.
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