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  1. If it's available in Publisher, can you say where it is? In neither Designer nor Publisher have I been able to change the background colour of a text box. I did manage to create a text box with a background colour, but only by drawing the shape first, and then converting it to a textbox by clicking on it with the text frame tool. Any help gratefully received.
  2. This sounds like the type of thing that would work and be helpful. And yes, it perhaps is more of a Designer feature. I've not really used Designer all the much, but perhaps I need to have a bit of an explore and see what it can do.
  3. Have just watched the Publisher launch video and am so impressed with the look of StudioLink. Can't wait to start using it! Just one thing: I'm an architect, and therefore one of the things I used Affinity for is creating presentation versions of technical/scale drawings (see the attached planning drawing, scanned in and then coloured in Affinity Photo). However, it's difficult to maintain scale, since everything is done by the pixel or print scale dimensions. What I would love to be able to do is set a particular image up as, say, a 1:50 scale drawing, and then be able to type in dimensions in mm (i.e. if I was drawing a wall that I wanted 300mm thick, I would type 300, and it would appear on the drawing as a 6mm thick line). I don't expect Affinity to become a CAD program - I know this is not a tool that most of the user base will want, but I do think that if this feature was available, it would probably double the amount that I use Affinity products, and I'd be recommending it to all my architect friends! Again, love your work. Keep it up!
  4. Affinity photo is hanging, and I don't know what's causing it. I have had similar freezes happen in the last few weeks of using it too. Not many, but even just one every few days of use is enough to disrupt workflow. What I was doing: Merged down the attached file onto a single layer. Made visible only the merged down layer. Went into develop mode on the merged down layer, and started making adjustments (shadows and highlights, contrast, etc) Pressed the split view button so that I could compare the image before and after adjustments. AFFINITY HANGING! My setup: 64-bit Windows 10 8GB RAM Affinity Photo So, interestingly, it's not showing as "not responding", but if I click on the Affinity Photo icon, it doesn't bring the window up, it just shows what was there before. Task manager lists affinity photo, and that it is consuming 2GB of RAM (RAM usage in total running at 70%), but not using any processing power. Attempting to close the application by right clicking on Affinity Photo and pressing close window doesn't seem to do anything. So instead I have closed the application by using "end task" in the task manager. After re-opening the file, and doing the process again, it proceeded without hanging. Nick at drawing board.afphoto
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