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  1. if such a function were in affinity, it would be super convenient to draw flowers in this example, it is already more difficult to achieve the desired effect
  2. sorry, i meant how to make layer 1 above layer 2, but below layer 3 quick css example https://jsfiddle.net/b9m1ggjn/ need a special mask on layer 1, which will show layer 3 i googled and did not find anything like this, probably it's not needed by anyone except me or I just was not looking properly i can not find where there is such a function or mask, I thought, maybe in affinity there is such a function most likely there is no such function anywhere
  3. thanks for the answer I did so to get a second example but I wanted to know if there are more universal options that are applicable to more complex and multilayered figures
  4. Hi guys. How can I make the drop 1 be above drop 2, but below drop 3? is it even possible?
  5. Hi guys. Carefully ported gradients from https://webgradients.com/ It may contain some inaccuracies, but in general it is usable. Enjoy. WebGradients.zip