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  1. Asked the same similar function in another thread ... i'm just happy to see that it's picking up. We shoudl be able to add our own subscriptions like pixabay etc or even other paid stock sites, i've tried the one proposed in ADesigner and they work very well and make it kind of fun. Serif Team should consider to make it possible for us to also register to those stocks sites as we all don't know them, we should be able throught an assistant to register and even pay (secure payment) and even buy or register Affinity from themselves because sometimes i personaly am lazy enough to open another page/tab on my web browser to do so ...
  2. i really believe the flood selection tool needs a lot (not a bit) of refinement and even an overhaul. Guys (talking to Devs), at this stage you should come up with something like subject or area selection that will help us to quickly select a precise area on a picture (cloud, sky, a person etc.) with great ease and intelligently calculated by the software then we can just move on masking or deleting or simply undoing the selection (for fun). Blessings.
  3. Well @Mithferion wasn't coming agaisnt you at all. Dear all i invite you to look at this video from my dear friend Tom Cargill from Satori Graphics he did on the new Gradient thing. I believe we can all learn from this (even Serif Devs and Tech), please guys (talking to Devs) if you have planned to deliver a similar tool on coming releases, make sure we don't fall into the trap we see in the linked video.
  4. +1 for the Collaborative cloud based system. This is something i thought about for days; don't want to add another software to my toolbox but in the same time other software have a kind of collaborative thing already present. With SketchApp yuo can collaborate on project (even if their model kind of confusing) With inVision it's all about collaboration with Gravit Designer you can do some collaboration. So... making it possible for us to have something similar but even better even if Serif could charge small amount of money for those who need to have access it would be great. We would then be able to work with designers located overseas but uses Affinity by Serif on projects and see our values and experience increasing on many aspects.
  5. Hi @Mithferion ... just to have it; that's actually what most of peoples here wants and care about. having ADesigner or even photo to open stuffs from Adobe gradient concept or works is really something else which can be considered as a work arround or possibility released in an update of our tool but... as i said and i believe many will agree with me on this (even you) ... Just having a revolutionary Gradient Mesh or Free thing gradient that works and enable us all to do amazing stuffs is what we all need here (just talking about this tool).
  6. Hello @I'm Ant two of your pics where so inspiring to me i actually tried to do some HDR tricks with it. My first idea was to try do some color restoration close to natural look ... i don't know your weather but i just guessed taking reference to object colorization. Hope you will like and i really hope your photography course is going well.
  7. @Whistler possible you wait until the coming 1.7 passes the beta phase (which we are going to be real time contributors) then decide if you stay or move? Honestly, out there I see That many Design softwares Such as SketchApp will struggle a lot and at a higher level With tools like XD which does really impressive work. The new adobe toy kit is not a joke at all despite the evident bugs that designers who migratedmigrated can now see and experience but still, the weather is bad out there. Let's come together and help Serif to deliver that life saving toolkit we all dream about. I'm also expecting things such as a fresh new Ui that rocks and shake the boat and tons of new tools but I do understand this: we have made a choice to stand with king David... So let it be despite King Saul assault and Goliath roaring, let's stand firm. Blessing
  8. i have a question here and would like an answer from one Dev if possible. I have a small Acer Aspire with an AMD A4 1250 Dual Core Processor + 4096GB RAM + AMD Radeon HD 8210. Do you honestly this can run Affinity suite for "even" projects? What settings do you recommand for such small config? i personaly want to use it for my on-the-go work because it has a touch screen and it's simply small but cool. Blessings.
  9. Can you please share your export settings dear? Maybe by having a look at that we can figure out how to help you even better. Just share a capture of the "More setting" of your export dialogue
  10. This is where portability for stuffs such as annotations and comment on files created with affinity would be of a great help ro simply even ... an Affinity Reader that allows clients to make their comment or anotations on the shared file for us to make necessary changes. That small thing can be even small sized (no need for a massive reader) but will only serve for annotation or comment added on projects. Ain't this a good idea ?
  11. this is so good to read. The last weeks have been busy with massive release and conferences etc... now i personally can't breath on the internet ... Adobe is everywhere ! Really guys, make that great thing you have been working on to surface. Please note this: 1- Web Design is made with vector software's so Affinity Designer must be able and matured enough to allow us making even better stuffs for web. look at the way XD actually defeated Sketch App and almost appears like it's the only tool around now. 2- Bring some new way to do prototyping but also make possible for Affinity users to do collaborative work in a proper way 3- Make it possible for us to add our already existing subscription from stock and font websites 4- Open or allow us here to officially become Serif Affinity Evangelists/Specialists and trainer ... i mean official recognition of Affinity is a must and will make our community even stronger. 5- Make more Live Keynotes i really loved the first one 6- Make it possible for us to log on tickets for specific issues we may have, this will avoid us having the frustration that happen when writing on the forum and not receiving answers for days or weeks. 7- Add more things and gadget on the store than just the books and the software's, also add T-Shirts etc. (we can them on our own but it's always better to buy one from the product creator himself). 8- Edit a Student-Teacher reference book for those who may want to learn and teach to others in return (in case Serif maintain there will be no official cursus at all) 9- help us Love affinity even more by simply building it great and great again ! Blessings.
  12. Hope you will enjoy the thing behind the link ! https://blog.fps.hu/274-vector-solid-icons-for-free/
  13. Hello @IsabelAracama well personaly i'm a big fan of gradient and the way they can make a composition even dreamy or simply good enough but never get my hand to it with Adobe products, it was frustrating but then came Affinity where i actually got to the point of gradient and how to create them and the color theory thing. That was a bit of story ... Now ! that new tool is just great and very useful when we consider it is always a nightmare to create and abstract background (we're not all Mozart nor Pablo Picasso ) i suggest Affinity to come up with something even better, why would you ask? Simply because i perceive a bit of Styles thing we have in ADesigner mixed with the already existing Ai Mesh tool. To me Serif need to bring a real Nec-PLus-Ultra : Free Gradient, Blend/interpolate Tool, Shape builder and keep improving the snapping in the products we use. Reall it's pure merveille to work with APub for printing projects (i've done few personal things and they just made young peoples go crazy around me) but keep making the product even professional. in the same time, Chapeau to Adobe for the way they improve their interface and it's whole actions (flipping menus ... they also got inspired by Serif for iPad for this and simply ported it to desktop ... ... my joke to world). Well ... let's improve !
  14. Thank you so much @GarryP i have more content coming in fews weeks ... was overthinking all this but came to the point of sharing what i already had. Really, Big Thanks to you for watching !
  15. Hello Everyone, I'm happy to share this with all of You today. Well i'm really sorry for sending this so late but i wasn't sure i could share it here but i hope you will take 4min to watch as our 1st video demo there was done with Affinity Designer MacOs. Your comments will be of great help to me making the Chan better, there is still more to come and be published but let's first see how to make this one even better. https://goo.gl/wrJFn3 Blessings.
  16. Wait and see, many here where about to leave the boat or simply pack their bag and go back to their old wife because they expected too much and far above what Serif they would do ... i strongly advice you to expect but make the best with and of what you already have available because in the same time patent kills
  17. Hello @jctremblay i really would like to help and be the one helping but i'm not physically in Montreal as this request fits with what i am now but ... i can only trust you to fidn the right person. Please feel free to share any kind or level of video content showing that meetup or even make it possible for people out of Canada to attend through the internet (skype, Youtube live, etc.) Blessings !
  18. Well we do but ... a bit of reorganization and revamp of the actual UI is not bad and even when you look at the way they have (Adobe) improved their whole menu system it just makes it kind happy temptation even for us who already have those features, well i personally liked the way Affinity UI for iPad is made and the way it's reacting; so i asked if Serif could make something that similar to that or even better for the Desktop version but many unsure answers came and things stopped there. The day Serif will introduce dynamic menu (like they did with iPad version) which is more actual way of using a software... that day they will earn a GREAT VICTORY.
  19. Hello @RedSnapper first of all APub is not a replacement of PagePlus but another product from another line, this is more to make it clear for answers to follow. Well ... give it time as APub is still on Beta development and we have not yet seen what it will be in it's final version, i'm pretty sure what we ask have been tested and even the guys at Serif are simply on process to deliver and correct. Here i believe @MEB is the guys who can provide you with clear answer. BTW ... it's really good to have you around, please feel at home as we are all playing into the same Affinity pool.. Blessings
  20. Hello Everyone, Well i know this have been asked for long time by many but also wanted to add my request into the long long list How come Affinity Designer can't do this kind of simple stuff Inkscape can do using it's interpolate extension and Ai can do with it's tool ? i mean, i'm not asking affinity to be like Ai nor Inkscape but the mesh you will see attached here was created in less than 30sec on a very old laptop running Linux Fedora 29 beta with inkscape installed. Please guys not only this tool but make it happen with more tools straight from your Knight Bag, make me smile like you did with the new thing you have added to the pen tool of APublisher thus making it 10 times better than the Pen tool implemented into ADesigner ... Well this one still need to grow to where APub stand but ... get it done guys and ... make me smile. BTW it's free to use for anyone who feel it may be of interest both Personal & commercial, the SVG you can use to recolor with ADesigner or APhoto. Enjoy ! drawing.svg
  21. Hello @Bobi i've watched the whole thing and really learned a lot from it. Even after few months of using Affinity Products and even making design projects with it i still enjoyed the course a lot. BTW, thanks for your inputs. Blessings.
  22. Well this is nice. Now wait for version 1.7 to be released dear. if you are on windows just download the last version of APhoto and load it and you will experience the change and tools and functions (but it's not yet what we expect). What you did is very nice ! Precise and nice.
  23. Hello Everyone (i like it when Olivio Sarikas pronounce it on his video tuto) ! I'm so happy and so thankful to the guy/team from Envato Tuts+, well they've released a 2h Free course on the basics of Affinity Designer (it's a full course that worth the watch). I'm so happy i wanted to share the Youtube link with you (mostly for all Newbies and New comers), remember, this gift is priceless as it was around USD19 on Udemy.com but now Free to watch for us to learn and imcrease, so don't forget to take one their great course on skillshare or udemy it's the best proof of suppor to them. Course is here :
  24. Well you are right dear but i always believed that software mastery actually depends on many factors related to the individual himself, personally i can't stand blender nor premiere but on the other hand i feel very inspired and well sited with Davincy Resolve (when it was working on my Mac) and HitFilm is just and simply Okay ! BTW ... i Will give it a try and see what blender has become and even have to offer, to technical is not good enough for me Lo'. Blessings !
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