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  1. Just in case someone else is looking for a solution to this still. There is still no equivalent to illustrators simplify path but there is one alternative that I have been using lately that works fairly well. You'll have to try it out to see what works for you. 1. Select object with the node tool and make sure all nodes are selected 2. in the action tool bar, select "convert -> smooth" or "convert -> smart" to convert all the selected nodes. (in my experience convert->smooth has the biggest impact) 3. Now press the "action -> smooth curve" If done in this way it
  2. Sorry for a terrible video.. but it should at least show you what I mean.. RPReplay_Final1575638873.MP4
  3. I have an issue while using affinity designer for ipad. Sometimes when I select a text to edit, my on screen keypad doesn't show so I can't edit the text. I do have an external keyboard but I don't always want to use it. The "funny" thing is that when I have my physical keyboard connected, sometimes the in screen keyboard pops up anyway in designer. I don't know if it's a designer bug or an ipad bug but in any case it's quite frustrating and makes it difficult to get any good work flow.
  4. I second this request. I need to disable spell check permanently.. it's quite frustrating to have to do it for every session.
  5. I have this problem as well, however, disabling spell check only disables the current session, so whenever I open the same document or a new document, spell check is enabled again. Is there any way to disable it permanently? I use several languages in many of my documents so the spell check only makes things annoying in my case..
  6. Just checking. Immediate plans I'm hoping means something like "in the next year" or so? Do you have a time-frame for android? It would be awesome to be able to use affinity products on an android tablet imo.
  7. No, haven't forgotten. But when I asked codeweavers, I specifically told them this and since they're up for it anyway, I'm assuming they have the skills to figure it out without the source code.
  8. Hi MEB. I'm having a difficult time finding out if this is on your roadmap or if it's still just something you are hoping to do at a later time? I'm very curious since it's a feature I very often need and I can't find any recent topics about it.. Thanks
  9. Ok, so I've been thinking again =) There have been a few suggestions of wine compatibility. And I remembered that there's a company called Codeweavers who make "Crossover Office" for any one who's familiar. It's payed wine software where they work hard on porting popular software like photoshop, office and others. I noticed that they do porting jobs for a price so I contacted them and asked if they would be willing to work on getting the affinity range working. Here's the response. "Thank you for your interest in our services. This is something that we would be happy to assist you with
  10. I'm obviously all up for supporting a project like this but there is absolutely no information in the video telling me what this application is, what it will look like, what it can do. If he is a designer, there should at least be a few sneak peaks on the gui right? Also, most people are probably not willing to back up a project when you don't actually get anything for it. Honestly if it was going to be a licensed product where backers receive a special lifetime of upgrades or something like that whereas others would have to pay for it, I think the sum would be more easily met.
  11. So I've been in contact with Serif and here's the verdict. While I do appreciate the offer it would not be worth the time crowd funding as we have no plans to offer our software for Linux users. So is not likely that they will consider Linux applications even if they had the funds... as many have already said, but I was hoping it wasn't true.. So this seems like a worthless endeavor.
  12. All right. Question sent to Serif. You are all probably very right and I don't want to upset anyone, that would be counter productive I believe.. So I'll post again once I've heard something.
  13. Well.. I've been thinking. I/we could start a campaign (maybe) without using serifs approval. the approach would be. "Anyone who is interested in backing our community campaign towards convincing Serif to develop programs for linux". If convincing them fails, all money is returned, if it succeeds, all the money goes directly to Serif. Does anyone know if this would be a legally ok approach? And if so, the best place to do it? Since I have been made aware that they are not interested at the moment, maybe this would intrigue? ..If there was available funding. At least they will know if it's even
  14. That's great news. I have never started a page/campaign and thought it would be a rude thing to do without the permission of Serif, and also that it might be appropriate for them to choose if they even welcome such a campaign. But if they already have set an estimate, maybe that's what we should do! Anyone else who has any thoughts, please tell.
  15. Here's an amazing idea. Let's crowdfund Affinity Designer and Photo for Linux! This is a huge "what if" scenario. What if Serif were interested in developing a linux version if they already knew that a sufficient amount of users would buy it? Then why not crowdfund it?.. If thousands of linux "nerds" who only use the computer for hacking and coding and never designing (irony intended) would pledge the needed amount, Serif could just wait until the goal is met and then start developing? If not, all backers can get their money back, nothing lost, nothing gained. I'd be willing to pay
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