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  1. 10 minutes ago, MikeW said:

    The analogy doesn't work, Petar. 


    It would only work if I installed the 3 applications on 3 separate computers. 


    Being able to just click a button and have what I am working on open in any of the 3 applications is a smooth experience. 


    It is more akin to setting down one brush and picking up another or a palette knife. 


    But then, I do want separate applications and you do not.

    Yes you are right @MikeW but remember that sometime we find it fun to have more than one computer for production and just switch from one to another so, one more time Serif did a great thing by just making it easy for us.

    my case, i use one PC for Photo because image can be resources consuming when we go to a lot of layer and mask etc... just save it on the network drive and place easily place it on the Designer laptop to continu my job but... this is just me i hope no one is doing the same here

  2. 40 minutes ago, MoreK said:


    Serif seem to have a strategy to tie Affinity products very close together. Just speculating here, but since Photo and Designer currently even share the same file format, would that be the case with APub as well? A new member of fully integrated Affinity family? For users, maybe the offering would be:
    - get one product -> work with personas to get limited set of tools for images, vectors and layout

    - get all three products -> work with with full set of tools  for images, vectors and layout


    I understand Serif does not want to share too much about their future strategies. The competition is tough. But if we are foreseeing an intuitive, fully integrated pixel-vector-layout work space - that would be a game changer.


    Uuuh. I hate speculations. Just did it myself. Hmmm.. the beer, maybe...

    @MoreK i love your idea, really made me laugh out loud.

    Serif is really re-connecting the Design and Photo world and teaching something important to other softwares out there: Alone we Go Fast but together we Go Far !

  3. Hi @Ben and @MEB

    i have a question here, maybe someone asked about it but i will take it and ask.

    Will ADesigner include some sort of meshing functionality in coming release?


    Okay ! sounds crazy said like that.

    Let say i start a Design project after i have defined everything (gabarit etc.) on paper; my work on this dynamic design concept would start by creating/selecting what i call a "master artboard" of a certains size, say Poster A3 (Yes would be great if we can have that functionality), next i would create what can be called "slave artboard" of another size say Flyer A5; that meshing function would allow me to connect these two at certain stage of my work in order for them to update one another but only for certain specific field.


    Now comes the thing,

    i connect the created master page with the slave using a connector then everything (text by preference) i type in the master get automatically replicated and scaled into the slave artboard.


    But... because there is a but.

    the field with dynamic nature (to me) must text and digit (date, hours, locations etc...) not pictures or colors (would be great but can make things very hard to understand or manage).

    that function would help me to create dynamic field in the master artboard similar to what we have into MS Excel (e.g: =Today , calendar etc... or anything similar).

    my idea is; the connectors only respond to dynamic objects/field from the master page then because master and slave are connected one to another it would make it possible to update any of the (only) connected artboard just by unlocking/changing the entry.

    if we don't want an artboard to be updated and stay static we just disconnect or don't connect it at all.


    i know this sounds more of web design and web coding stuff but as we are in a converging world, who knows what comes tomorrow !

  4. On 3/28/2018 at 3:06 PM, Ben said:

    ...I just meant the tool(s) that create the dynamic shapes - such as Cog, Star, etc.  They are already well documented, and fairly easy to use.

    Hi Ben 


    Really need to thank you for the big work you are doing with affinity ... but now ... i can't sit on my chair anymore since i've watched the short videos of the snapping.

    i just know we will do crazy things with Affinity Designer 1.7 when it's released.

    ... You made me go crazy saying Whoooooow every 5min and thinking what kind of crazy stuff i will do with ADesigner 1.7 when it's released.


  5. On 20/12/2017 at 5:26 PM, Ben said:


    The core tools are:

    - Move tool

    - Pen tool

    - Node tool

    - Shape creation tools

    - Text tools

    - Fill and Transparency tools

    - Place Image tool

    - Vector Crop tool


    Hi Ben would like to know more about the shape creation tool you have mentioned here. 


    My experience, I've found it better to work with Designer pen tool than what other software, I tried with others but ended hating the pen but now Adesigner made it possible again. 

  6. Hello,


    I have some features i would like to request or suggest.

    Please correct if i'm wrong and if they exist already, i simply can't find them from my installation.


    1- Path Cleaning tool : that will help ADesigners to check and clean their Paths and Vectors to be sure printing/web stuffs are okay.

    2- Save Our custom Desktop, Tools, gradients, Textures etc... configuration into a file: it happens that we have to reinstall our PC/Laptops and sometime it become a bit tricky to redo all our config and replace the tools in the correct place, so having a Backup config functionality (like for routers, modem etc.) will help a lot. just restore the old config to have our everything back and functional.


    Out of few years in the IT industry, i have found the backup thing very useful when it comes to Disaster Recovery.

    A lot of designers use to add many things in their design software but no software out there (from what i have seen) comes with a possibility to recover from disaster but just letting  the user to redo everything manually. it's good but makes us spend hours redoing everything from the beginning.

    Would be great if this applies to Adesign, APhoto and the coming APub.


    Thanks !

  7. 6 minutes ago, Dan C said:

    Hi Arnaud Mez :)

    If you select your artboard in the layers panel and use CMD/CTRL + J to duplicate the artboard, this will copy the artboard and all of it's contents. Do note this creates the artboard in the same location as the original and will need transforming away to it's own space in the document.

    Hello Dan C


    Thank you so much for so quick reply.

    Will do that in about an hour when i come back to my desk.

    Would be really good if we had possibility to do the same thing directly from the insert artboard button by just checking a box or switching ON a certains function.

    Would be very helpful and drop down the level of stress and number of button pressing (to send commands) and help us stay focused on making the thing much better and beautiful.

  8. Hello Everyone


    i'm a bit stuck in Designer and want to know how to copy/clone artboards with all their content.

    my case:

    i've designed an FB Photo profile for a client but now his entire team want the same for their profile with their photo on it, so i can create new artboards from selection or document but they start empty of previous content and i have to manually copy paste (the copy paste in place is wonderfully working in ADesign and i like it) which makes the job really fastidious and time consuming.


    Would be nice if we could copy/clone the previous artboard with all it's content, size etc... then just makes changes from there.

    Please feel free to share your method because i'm lost

  9. 1 hour ago, Bri-Toon said:

    For your number 4, we were given a glimpse of the Affinity Designer and Photo icons in place of where the personas usually are. It hasn't yet been revealed what they will do, but MattP (CEO) said that they will do something that cannot possibly be done in any other program. Interesting, yes?

    Thank You so much Bri-Toon

    Will wait for more to come into this forum topic and prepare myself for the release of Publisher.


    I know what other says about beta versions but, i will take the risk and make Affinity Publisher our main production tool then just update again and again until it comes mature.

    Other trusted Adobe products in their dark but uncertain days until now, why can't we here do the same ?

  10. 13 hours ago, Bri-Toon said:


    Hi there, and welcome to the Affinity forums.


    There was previously a sneak peek of Affinity Publisher back in December, and we were told that the beta will be released by next summer.


    Here is the topic.

    Thank You Bri-Toon

    i wonder if anyone here knows if Pubisher will:

    1- Be release under another name than Publisher: to me, it that name makes it more simplicist and less creative considering all goods and pleasant works made by Serif Devs.

    2- Be able to do word processing better than what we seen on the market now? i mean to manage huge quantity of text (Book Editing in example)

    Example: if i have received a manuscript from a client for a book to edit, will Publisher be able to just paste the text into the newly created project and let it flow until the end thus creating additional pages (in case i have set 18 pages and the things goes up to 27 pages).


    3- Be using less RAM, the same way Design & Photo does actually ?

    4- Enable us to

         a- right click on an image in the project and select "edit with photo" and after we have done necessary work in Photo just save it and see the update into the currently opened project.

         b- do the same as above but with vectors in the project.

    5- Make it possible to create alternate layout ?

        example: i often have to work on Facebook and twitter Design for clients, most of them ask for A5 Flyer design they can print and put on their page but often come back asking for their banner to be changed to the same exact thing, plus the profile picture plus other visual they may need.

    So, having manually create and artboard, copy, paste, resize etc... takes time but would be fine if every thing can be made semi-Auto like :

    create an A3 Poster, then deviate it to A5 Flyer, then to FB banne size then to photo profile then to ... very quick with all previously created objects then just spend the rest of the time reorganizing them and or removing what un-needed here or there.... the print it/or deliver to the client and move to the next cup of coffee before opening another project for another client.


    And to finish, will publisher be a suite that will connect in it's lower level with already installed Affinity Designer/Photo or Designer+Photo?


    I trust the Devs team for file importation from other solutions.

  11. Hello everyone 

    Well Affinity is a great set of apps and it has made my design learning very easy but I see from the 12 pages of this forum that we are waiting for the desktop publisher app for more than 3 years since it's first announcement. 

    Are we close to the release? 

    Many of the designers and editors out there are bleeding with the cost of products we all know and use. 

    2018 is the year of Freelance and young but skilled editors to surface and bring the change. 

    Publisher will bring more colors and creativity in this Design world but... When exactly? 


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