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  1. @Mark Ingram

    Thanks for this build, the issue i had with assets on previous build is gone and i was able to compose 2 designs and things went okay except I had the impression of few lags and some latency.
    Nothing to worry too much about but it appeared to me that exporting is 2 or 3 times much slower than saving the same file which never happened to me before.
    I hope there is an explanation for that or simply next build will fix it.

    Also, 3D and bevel + Emboss works much better and seem to not be to strong on applying to objects (ie: texts)
    ... Please provide us with a fully featured 3D studio in Designer so we can design much much better including compositions of many nature.

    Thanks for your great job on this build.

  2. Everything works correct on this release except s mall regression.
    Drag an asset, keep the mouse button  pressed trying to drop it as far as possible on the canvas/artboard then release.
    It drops something so small no one can distinguish it, but more than that, it is impossible to resize via the transform section tab, impossible to select it and do a manual resize because the thing is not even existent on the layer stack.
    Only turn around i found is to release the mouse button as soon as it reaches the border of the canvas/artboard; only then, things are okay and I can work easy.
    Need to fix it so people making a lot of use of Assets to not go crazy thinking they made mistake or broke the app.

    Thanks for your great job.

  3. 2 hours ago, Sean P said:

    this card does not support DirectX Hardware Feature Level 12 and therefore cannot be used for OpenCL.

    Thank you so much.
    My next hunting party will be to find a card that's full Dx12 but for now ... i've tested and it runs faster and even set it to benefit of the basic acceleration the card can offer via Win10 functionalities and I'm happy ... much better response time.
    Now waiting for the next build is there is one coming around the corner.

    Once again, Thank you so much!

  4. @Mark Ingram first of all sorry for asking here but, I've not seen or experienced a real change on the isometric functions and even the small 3D functions provided into AfDesigner.
    I mean we should be able to rotate object in a proper way with real time preview.
    I may be mistaken on this but I believe that AfDesigner is actually mature for having descent 3D functionalities.
    Relying on external apps to make basics works or even a simple long shadow or just projected shadow using (per example) the lightning tool, doing that kind of job using an external tools can turn to be(come) a nightmare and requires a massive learning time and resources just for simple tricks we should be capable of doing from our main tool.

    Please feel free to move this if posted on a wrong topic, i just believed such function should already pops in beta releases/builds before v2 hit our doors and become the standard.

    Be Blessed.

  5. 1- Download was cool and fast, no lag, no stop.
    2- install went no issue and no alert
    3- app launch is fast (have not tried a project with it)
    4- font loading is faster compared to previous build.
    5- Removal of guide is faster never had this up to now. Please keep this or improve more if possible but I'm fine with it current status.
    6- Template loading is faster (i have pixels and vector stuffs in there) it load it just at the speed of a WACS.
    7- loaded recent project with even more than what my templates do have and it was much faster loading than AfPhoto did.
    8- File>Export (to Dir) is now much better but not as faster as what AfPhoto actually demonstrated to me today but still, it is a bit faster than the action on the previous build, please make it much faster there is no need to wait seconds juts to display the file manager and save my project. This should ne as natural as possible.

    This build is good for me except the few I mentioned above.
    Thanks to @Mark Ingram and the entire AfDesigner team.

  6. 1- Download was cool and fast, no lag, no stop.
    2- install went no issue and no alert
    3- app launch is fast (have not tried a project with it)
    4- font loading is quite faster.
    5- Removal of guide is a bit faster than previous build but still has lags, well nothing major on this I can live with it.
    6- project template  loading is slow while it loaded in less than 3sec on AfPublisher (exact exact template, no change to it); should be fixed in next build.
    7- File>Export (to Dir) now works faster, all previous build was lagging a lot when trying to open the windows file manager dialog box but now it's much better.

    This build seem to be good at some for me but still some few stuffs need to be resolved or improved for the good.
    Thanks to @Mark Ingram and the entire AfPublisher team.

  7. Thanks @Mark Ingram for the release, congrat to your respective teams.

    From DL to install, all went fast and cool, such a peace and tears.
    App loading and document loading have improved a lot ( just hope it won't drop or regress in next builds).

    Well, one detail that still bother me a bit, after loading a document (template here) with guides I experience lag when I try to remove a single guide by sliding it out of the canvas.
    So the grab slide to remove make the app to run slow, my templates are 1920*1080 only in size.
    is it possible to investigate that and make it work similar to what I see in stable version (no lag there) as this may appear in next stable and get people mad.

    But for now, i'd say Good job guys.


  8. Thank @Mark Ingram for this release.
    installed it on my side and it works good, will maybe give it a quick project to see how it handles stuffs a bit later during the day.

    One thing i've noted that could bring a huge change for further release is font loading.
    AfDesigner (but also AfPublisher and AfPhoto) are slow at font loading on startup but also when having to select from the app, if possible please make some improvements to that for the good of all users, it is crucial to have it proceed much faster.

    I know it seem to run much faster with less than 500 fonts but in my case I do a lot of test and have to load new fonts like almost everyday and growing my base (currently around 2800 fonts) ... or unless you can do things the way Blender do them, allow us to select fonts from an external folder without a need to install them on our system then we will be able to lessen the load and gain more speed and reactivity of the app.
    But i'm not a Dev so, I leave this to your skills and appreciation.

    Thanks for the release!

  9. 3 hours ago, Sean P said:

    Uncle Mez,

    Whilst you have started you're on Windows I don't believe you've actually confirmed what version you're running. Can you type 'winver' in the Run dialog or Right Click the Start Button and go to System. You should be able to verify in their if you're running an N version of Windows. (See my screenshot below).

    However if you just install version and it should load for you. If you then go to Export as Timelapse you'll get a prompt warning that you don't have it. If you click the Yes to give you more information it will take you to the following post.

    If you've installed and still having problems then that is going to be a different issue we need to look into.


    image (1).png

    it was sorted thank you...

  10. 1 hour ago, Patrick Connor said:

    Thanks for this suggestion. We are considering other uses, but this would require you "storing/uploading" those files to a secure personal location, so there is lots to consider before offering that sort of feature.

    I asked this months ago ... wait kind of back in 2018 or so 
    Please unveil your solution when it is ready for us to enjoy it and become even more productif

  11. On 1/19/2021 at 1:53 PM, Mark Ingram said:

    Customer Beta - Release Candidate 1

    This release is nice.
    Kind of runs faster (I've not tested stuffs yet but load faster)

    Only one concern I have with this (and all apps) beta builds, the generated assets and project files (to list few) aren't retro compatible.
    Which situation can bring confusion or some kind of disappointment if we consider the recent case of Beta release not properly working or simply for those who prefer to use beta for creating assets of templates using the latest functionalities then hope/wish to make use of it with the current release which are more stable.
    We should be granted with choice to convert to old format like it is the case when we "old" file format with recent beta builds.

    Other than that i'm fine and will try to make good use of the recently shipped affinity candies.

    Thanks for your hard work and that great love you show to us @Mark Ingram @Chris B and all team members.

  12. 1 minute ago, Sam Neil said:

    Oh OK in that case this applies to Windows 10 20H2 Enterprise N version with a media pack. - Not everyone will use this version of Windows. So the chances of Photo not running is small. However @jowday DID have this version which in short was causing issue that now Mark has fixed. 

    Well I'm asking because I want to make sure and not miss something 
    So if there a pack to DL that will garanty I run issues free then please indicate me, never know what comes in days toward us.

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