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  1. You guys are beyond amazing! thank you so much for your help! It worked! You guys saved me. I'm all smiles!
  2. I changed it to current object. I closed out and re-opened and the source auto set to Global. When I changed it back to current object, it's still picking up my screen background. I took an image (color wheel image) and place it on my artboard. I selected the color picker and tried several colors off of the image and the color that picks up is black. No other color. If I try from another window (internet image), the color picker picks up my desktop background colors. Should I uninstall and reinstall? I'm running- macOS Catalina Version 10.15.3 Thank You guys so much for helping.
  3. I'm not sure what may have happened in my setting, but the color picker tool is not picking up my selected color. It's taking my desktop screen background color instead. For example, I need a color from an image in another window. I select the color picker, click and hold the left side of my mouse, drag over the mouse arrow over the image in another window, instead of picking the image color, its taking the color of my desktop background. Is there something in the setting I need to change? I hope I'm making sense. I really need help and would really appreciate some advice. Thanks
  4. Hey, it's 2018 now, this topic was started in 2015. Can you guys at least give an estimated time as to when the warp text will be a feature? This tool is extremely important when designing logos for clients.
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