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  1. Sm:)er


    Here is the Flickr link which has exif too. Flickr
  2. Sm:)er


    Hi Wikinger, thank you. Do you mean add a larger file size and exif data?
  3. Nice work you have done with all these but also interesting images to view.
  4. Sm:)er


    Thanks EZeemering and a fare point. Here Is the original and the edited one to make it easier to compare. It was just a quick setup in my living room as I was originally just experimenting with my new camera, setup and Affinity. I have more images from that day of both of my dogs so i may edit a couple more and add them too.
  5. Sm:)er


    Thank you MEB. Looking forward to getting more images done in the program and figuring things out in it.
  6. I like your style. Nice creation. Wish I could draw myself but at least I can view good art done by others.
  7. Sm:)er


    Hi all My first post and also my first edit using Affinity. I'm still trying to adjust and find my way round but I have to say I will be sticking with Affinity as Its great to use but I also like some of the features, especially the live view with the blending modes. Its an image of my Pug, Obi. He's a proper little chunk and naughty to say the least. It was a three light setup. One gridded and the other two with silver reflective brollies.
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