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  1. Hi Walt it is the same file as attached originally I just tried it with a picture on the canvas to see what happened if it was a picture updated file attached text box sample.afpub
  2. Thanks Walt, I will keep that option in mind, I was hoping I was doing something wrong and that it could be done the same way as PagePlus so that i could play about with the fill of the rectangle detached from the text. It works fine for a shape or picture until you apply wrap properties to it. I can see this being frustrating in magazine work where you have an offset picture wrapped in to the text and you want to overlay some text as an afterthought, as per the pictures below first without wrap setting and the second with wrap setting. Even trying to remove the wrap setting does not alter the way the text interacts. Maybe the mods have some thoughts on this
  3. Hi Hoping some one can explain whether something I want to achieve is doable having tried various wrap options. In PagePlusV9 I could set a text frame of two columns and insert a rectangle box into the frame and set the wrap setting for the box so text flowed around it. I was then able to create a text frame in the centre of the box and add text. If I do this in Publisher the text will only go below the rectangle and I have tried various wrap settings without success. The only way I have found as a work round is to do the text frame first and set that as a wrap in the text then drop the rectangle in after sending it to the back Hope these screen grabs explain and I have attached the sample file text box sample.afpub
  4. Have you tried using the web profile and adjusting it to suit your needs under more settings. This brought a file I put on the web as well as print from 14mb down to less than 1 mb and you can set it until you get optimum results. I also used to do this in PagePlusx9
  5. AlanPickup

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Answering this at its basic level in case it is simply inexperience with working with fonts Not sure what system you are using but fonts have to be installed in the operating system font directory, in windows this is the main drive windows folder then fonts. The way to install in windows is to open the font by clicking the file which gives the preview and the option to install the font in to your system is at the top right hand corner
  6. AlanPickup

    Paragraph leading

    thanks for the reply, I am aware of the drop down but it is a list of the standard point range or percentage range and often has quite a jump when you get past 20pt and you have to try typing in 22pt or 23pt etc until you get what you want. In the before and after paragraph you can go up or down by 1 point increments and see the effect as you go.
  7. Not sure if it is deliberate or an omission, in Paragraph spacing the Leading option does not have an icon at the side to indicate the purpose until you hover, also there is no arrow to increase the size as with the other settings
  8. It may be helpful if you could attach a copy of the file so someone can look at it. Also this would have been better posted in the Affinity Support & Questions Forum rather than the tutorial as this thread is quite old. If your file is private when you post in the other forum if the answer is not obvious Support will give you a secure link to upload your file. I cannot answer your question as my first thought was that you did not have View>show bleed ticked, but in that case you would not see the bleed lines. The only other thought was if you were meaning image extending the bleed i.e on the background. which pressing the \ key would turn this on or off. Hope this helps in anyway, I just happened to scroll to the end of this thread by chance
  9. AlanPickup

    Text Effect Styles

    Thanks Mike some great styles there for text One of the things I find confusing is the naming structure with affinity files, when people say text styles and it is obvious what type of style the are best for yet affinity has a separate section for text styles which does not recognise styles files if you try to import from that tab, it is for the typographical format of the text itself and has its own file format presumably? The other thing that would be good is when a style file is saved having been applied to text you could have the option to not include the font and point size or if there is an option when applying a style to retain the font and point size of the text I have not discovered it yet and would be pleased for any enlightenment. Once again thanks Mike for the great collection
  10. AlanPickup

    Update 1.7.1 Fails Setup

    I used to get this in various Affinity and other products and found that in some I had to right click the file and run as administrator, just a suggestion.
  11. thanks Callum, good to have in it in Publisher though so happy, but the facility to add sites would be welcomed I am sure Regards AlanP
  12. AlanPickup

    Resource Suggestions for Foundational Layout Knowledge

    Many of us using Affinity Publisher have the need to use a more professional program than offered by word processors that have design capability, and this is because we have done our time in learning the basics of layout and design, there are no shortcuts, I am a dinosaur having learnt my craft in the days of hot metal and typesetting with a tough mentor, when a computer had to have it's own air conditioned room and Apple was something that grew on a tree. There are many sites that give information about designing, a good one I have found, although it is aimed at Indesign users, is http://www.indesignskills.com/ but the basics of design are universal. Search the web for samples and try to analyse what makes one design stand out above the next, look for the use of white space and how designs make something stand out to attract the eye. Sites like https://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/ and https://dribbble.com/ can keep you informed about trends. You can download samples from https://www.freepik.com/ to use for ideas Do not be afraid to show your work and accept criticism, because with the wealth of talent on this forum it will be beneficial. Good luck for your learning path, but accept obstacles as a challenge.
  13. There does not appear to be paste special option when right clicking to paste text over higlighted text. If you select this from the Edit>Paste Special the full options are separate below but it is confusing that they are listed separately as the paste special option do no allow paste without format. No doubt will get use to this but the options in right click would be useful
  14. AlanPickup

    Kudos and Foolishness

    I had no problem with installation and just opening the other product when the message came up solved it right away, this worked on both my desktop and laptop running Windows 10 that gave me not installed for AfPhoto. So far Studio link working great. May be because I did not have all your experience I looked for the simple things first
  15. AlanPickup

    Publisher and Fontbase

    Just some updates after trying different scenarios The Cheri Liney font had a style added so tried a few options deleted the text that did not have the fonts installed and it still crashed Installed the Cheri Linney and Breamcatcher fonts to the windows fonts and everything was OK and I could activate new fonts from Font Base. Created a new document and added text from fonts from font base closed saved and closed fontbase, opened again and substitute fonts loaded, when I opened fontbase the correct font was added to the text. I next applied styles to the fonts (different to the first problem) saved and closed. Opened AFPub again and loaded the file which showed the substitute fonts with the style, went to start Fontbase and as soon as it fully loaded Publisher crashed. So looks like styles may be part of the problem