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  1. Any ETA for when it will be implemented?
  2. Merge Selected doesn't do anything, either using the Pencil or my finger (three layers selected) on iPad Pro. Merge Visible seems to be working fine. Never used Merge Down before, so can't really say if that's as expected or not.
  3. I can press Ctrl + layer to select a layer but when I press Ctrl + D to Deselect, it doesn't work. Using the drop-down menu does work, however. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Affinity Designer
  4. I've been pulling up my swatch in the color picker, going to the color overlay in fx and using the RGB slider, manually adding the RGB values...your way seems a little quicker!
  5. biz_kid1

    Importing Styles loses Properties

    Well, saves me from having to recreate it...thanks!
  6. I created my own set of styles in Affinity Photo for iPad that I exported to, I think, an external hard drive, then uploaded to a flash drive so I could import the styles in my Affinity Designer. I'm not where I can troubleshoot this at the moment (I'm at work) but I will try to recreate exactly what I did when I can and post back. At any rate, the properties that I had saved to the styles completely changed during the import/export process somehow. Bug or am I doing something incorrectly? Thanks in advance!
  7. biz_kid1

    Layered .tif Files not Importing Layers

    But .tifs are smaller than .psds!!!!
  8. Pretty sure I'm the absentee president!
  9. biz_kid1

    Layered .tif Files not Importing Layers

    Likely, yes. I digitally scrapbook and there's usually a text title and/or journaling block in those templates. What's the workaround? Is there a setting somewhere I can disable? Does the file type itself matter (.tif vs .tifF)?
  10. I am trying to import layered .tif files FROM a SanDisk Connect Wireless flash drive TO Affinity Photo on my iPad. I am frequently without the ability to have a network connection to cloud services, thus the use of this flash drive. However, the .tif file is importing as one flattened image rather than importing the layers that should be there. What am I doing wrong, please? Thanks in advance. iPad iOS Version 11.4 (15F79) Affinity Photo Version
  11. You know what matters? If it's iPad Affinity Photo or Windows Affinity designer...worked on Windows Affinity designer just fine! I'm an idiot...sometimes.
  12. Please add "Swatches" to Color Overlay & Gradient Overlay Color Pickers in Effects / fx panel. iPad iOS Version 11.4 (15F79) Affinity Photo Version
  13. iPad iOS Version 11.4 (15F79) Affinity Photo Version ISSUE Select your layer in the Layers window WITH Apple Pencil > click the ... menu to bring up the Layer Options window > tap 100% next to Opacity > note the "calculator" popup that shows - it doesn't give you the predefined options (25, 50, 75, etc.) - if you tap a number to enter a selection, then tap the 100% again to accept it, it won't save and reverts back to 100% WORKAROUND Drag the opacity slider to the left any value other 100%, (99% and less) WITH Apple Pencil and then it will give you the "calculator" popup that has the predefined values and accept whatever value you assign it...or using finger works as expected. Do I need to tweak a setting for the Apple Pencil or something or is it a legit "bug"? Thanks in advance.
  14. The PDF only says how to install on iPad...I need help on Windows - there is no "View" > "Studio" > "Library" option.