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  1. When I open Files app and look in Dropbox at those files they are documents.... they only show properly and import when in the import screen in the styles panel. However this morning I realized something. I’d say it was an iOS update issue except that several haven’t updated iOS and have this issue too, so it’s not iOS update issue. When you press and hold on the Files app icon in the bar at the bottom, it shows them properly..... weird .
  2. Markus, try downloading your styles file directly to Dropbox and then go into styles and import and see if it works.... I just finally got mine to work that way. So weird.
  3. I just successfully added that glass styles above ^ ...... I had to download it to my Dropbox and it work3d perfectly, but not if I tried it from downloading anywhere else. Interesting.
  4. When I go to the file above {using my iPad Pro} that Carol is referring to, I get the Affinity logo thumbnail but then I get an error when trying to import it to Affinity Photo on my iPad.
  5. Markus, in some groups some people have no issues with styles even after the update of Affinity and iOS to 12. I discovered my files no longer have the Affinity thumbnail.
  6. I am having the same exact issues as Tracey ^ . I was able to import Styles with no problem as of a week ago. I no longer have the Affinity thumbnails on my files.
  7. I actually no longer can import styles either, with the update. Add and import is still listed but it’s not working for me at all.
  8. I see the add application palette option but that only generates a blank box with a heading, it doesn’t give the option to import/add my afpalette file. Am I missing a step?