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  1. @MEB And again a year has passed since you wrote "It will come on a future version. Please bear with us." And nothing happened. You see why that's very frustrating, don't you? I love AD - in 2019 alone I created two DER SPIEGEL covers with it! And yes, I work with global colors when possible. But that's not more than a bad work around! It's like telling people to put a blue and a yellow layer on multiply when they want green! It's just so hard to comprehend why you guys don't realize what a basic MUST this feature is!
  2. I thought after a year since I last checked, this topic would have become a priority - as it is for sooo many users! Don't get me wrong - you are doing a great job for such a small team, but why implement Portuguise and Russian before this MUST HAVE feature? Again THIS IS A MUST! Hire some folks. Please hurry, I don't wanna go back to Illustrator and live with my parents!!!