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  1. Thank you very much Rick for your motivating words
  2. Hi Alfred, Please find attached the original version which is by @razabar on Pixabay.com
  3. The statue clicked through my Samsung Base Model Smart Phone and worked upon in Affinity Photo for your review
  4. My Work on a pic of lotus which is all done in Affinity Photo
  5. The second picture from the bottom is wowsome. If you could please guide us also as how have you created this in strep wise manner, it will be a great learning and help for people like me. Best
  6. Good evening @Wikinger I am excited to hear this from you. It is so very motivating for a newbie like me. Thanks a lot.
  7. This is so very guiding @Cealcrest. Not only AP but I am completely new and a novice in this art. I am trying to learn and your advice will help me long way in improving upon myself. Thanks a lot.
  8. Thanks @harrym It is motivating to hear this. I will endeavor constantly to improve upon myself.
  9. Hi, I am a novice and am trying to learn this art. I had started learning in November, 2017 with photoshop. I was learning for one month and then for some reasons I did drop. In the meantime I came to know about Affinity Photo and so have signed up. It is from past 2 weeks that I am again learning continuously and this time I am using AP the most. This is all my experience of Photoshop and AP and I would request to overlook my flaws here. I tried to replicate a special effect created on Photoshop which I stumbled upon while looking for something on google. It is a detailed guide. I first learnt it on Photoshop and then I tried creating the same effect on AF. The website from where I got the picture and its development details on photoshop is http://www.entheosweb.com/photoshop/special_effects.asp The detailed step wise working of Photoshop Effect is given in this website. Posting below the original pic as downloaded from the web (With Player and football) and my work on AP (with player and football missing ). Best
  10. Patrick, Thanks for your response. I have sent the mail as suggested on the given mail ID with relevant details and I hope to get the contents at the earliest.
  11. I should first get the claim Now button. I am not getting one despite trying everything suggested here and tomorrow is the last date.
  12. Hallo MEB I am sorry to suggest that I tried everything that has been suggested here but am still not able to get my Free Packs. I am working on Windows. In my store account they are visible in buy segment but nowhere else. I am from India and hope I get my bonus packs at the earliest. I am using it on Windows Awaiting your suggestions. Regards Utpal
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