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    unitof got a reaction from walt.farrell in Bloated Affinity Publisher File Sizes Are Enormous   
    Good call; Save As shaved off about 200 MB, but now I still have a 500MB file with only one 50MB image in it.
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    unitof reacted to ctrayne in Application/temporary font folder   
    I am a font designer and I constantly use the Application font folder in Adobe Illustrator. The folder I'm referring to is cited here in the section "About Fonts":
    My workflow involves editing glyphs in my font editor, then exporting the font files to this Adobe font folder. This is important because I can test small changes in my fonts very quickly without needing to install and uninstall fonts to and from the system (which often requires a restart.) We're talking about hours and hours of time saved thanks to this folder. It's vital to my work.
    There are other benefits to this folder. Say you've purchased a new font and you're not sure if you're going to use it very much, or just want quickly to test it on a single project. You can drop the files in this folder and test it out in Illustrator without installing the font in your system.
    Is there a chance of seeing a similar feature in Affinity Designer? This feature is the only reason I still use Adobe Illustrator. Without it, though, I cannot fully make the switch to Designer. None of the competition offers this feature either.
    Thanks for your consideration.