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  1. Didn't I already say that yes, it does? I have all 5 of them - regular, italic, bold, bolditalic and black.
  2. Yes, it might be related, but as I already mentioned, other programs (such as for example CorelDraw) don't do this to me. They always select Regular for every font. So I think, it also has to do something with your software too. And yes, Arial and it's complete family does exist, I have it installed, you could even see me typing out the sentence with Arial Regular in the video.
  3. Well, I think it was like two days ago, Corel BitStream Font Navigator messed up all my fonts. Basically some smartass on the internet suggested deleting all the fonts in the BitStream Font Navigator to clear the list of all fonts, to be able to add fonts from specific folder and even though I MARKED ONLY TO REMOVE FONTS FROM THE LIST, my fonts got immediately fked after closing the program. Icons on the desktop got font changed from Segoe UI to Segoe UI Italic, because for some reason Segoe UI Regular just disappeared... Other programs hard regular fonts replaced too, like for example chrome when using Google. Thankfully I had all system fonts backed up, so I reinstalled them all, which seemingly "fixed" my problem, but I assume that's when Affinity Designer started doing what you could see in the video... I hope that helps shine some light on the situation. (Windows 7, 64bit)
  4. Here you go. I will remove this vid in few days..
  5. Tried that as well, still the same problem.. Program like Corel Draw doesn't do it, seems like AD is picking up some information from the installed fonts, that affects it..
  6. Yes, I tested it, as you described, creating new document and typing some text and it still does it.. Now, I did plenty of installing and reinstalling of fonts, something could be messed up. Not sure what tough, but it's possible. (I mean.. whole font family works, for example Arial, but it always selects Arial Italic as default...)
  7. For example: - when I select Arial, it turns my text into Arial Italic and I have to change it to Regular manually - when I select Calibri, it picks Calibri Bold for me.. Why is that? I posted this in bug forum, because it sure feels like one, or is there something that defines which font variation is selected by default? Because with some fonts it chooses regular variation, but with some not...
  8. I gave your idea a shot, but since (as you already mentioned) it's not centralized, it's pretty much useless.. Also, I still would have to duplicate each and every business card on my own - which is the problem I wanted to solve in the first place. So I guess that's where we're at right now..
  9. Well, I'm printing stuff in our graphics studio and whether I'm the one doing the cutting or someone else, we need those crop marks most of the time... We have to export files in PDF/X-3:2002 for our printer to recognize it. I don't have much experience with imposition software, but I might take a look at it. Thanks for advice.
  10. What about crop marks? Do I have to draw them manually?
  11. What would be the easiest solution to export 21 (3 columns, 7 rows) 90x50mm business cards on SRA3 paper (320x450mm) with cut marks and 4mm spacing between them? See, in Corel, you can easily do that by selecting "print" and export through PDF. But I can't seem to find workaround for this in Affinity... Thanks for all your tips -.<
  12. I see, yeah, that's how it works - it's because I had selected whole group. Thanks!
  13. When vector crop tool is selected, inputting value doesn't resize the crop box, but instead it will resize object shape.
  14. After more fiddling with Affinity, sometimes it does the same problem even when using Add boolean operation. I've created multiple objects using grid, having them next to each other side by side and I still get these artifacts and unconnected walls. It's super frustrating.. How can anyone say this is NOT a trivial thing? This is literally the core of vector graphics!
  15. Thank you for taking your time giving me a detailed reply with visual representation of your steps. I appreciate that. Though you missed one thing - if you look closer, second curve was made out of elipse and not circle, like you made with corner tool. I think you would need at least one more step to achieve that. I admit corner tool is a very useful thing in Affinity Designer and I really like how it works, but it's always making mirror curve to both sides from the corner.. Though that got me thinking. I wish there was this kind of shape tool, that we could use to connect to other objects: Or even better - custom shape tool. Now THAT would be amazing.