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  1. Hello, I really like that there is an option to align to last selected object and for me it is one of the most used features, but I really wish that there was an option to set a shortcut for align to last selected. Right now shortcut only aligns to selection bounds and it doesn't take your settings in align panel into consideration. So whenever I want to align to last selected object, I have to use the panel, which is much more time consuming than using shortcuts.
  2. Or at least have an option to disable it. Not only it takes a lot more steps to undo my previous actions, but also when I undo 20 steps, then click anywhere, even if it's just deselecting something, all my redo history is wiped.
  3. If there's no way to set curve's smoothness or curvature, it's using some default values. And I pointed that the default values Affinity chose to go with, don't make much sense.
  4. When I place 4 nodes in perfect square shape and turn them into smart nodes, I would assume it would create a perfect circle. But instead it creates this odd shape: It would take at least 8 nodes to create somewhat normal-looking circle. I think this behavior makes smart nodes quite useless. I would say Inkscape's Auto-Smooth Nodes are much closer to what I would expect from Smart Nodes.
  5. Alright, thanks. Hopefully we'll see it in the future (at the very least, it should respect page bleed). So the only workaround for me right now is resizing the document to larger and back.
  6. Hello, I tried to google an answer to this question, but couldn't find it anywhere, so I'm asking you. I would like to know, whether there's a way to disable cropping to page when rasterizing objects in Affinity Designer?
  7. Another workaround is creating separate document file. Then when you rescale that document, it will rescale your blur settings as well, allowing you to go over 1024px. Don't understand why is it forcefully limited to 1024px in the first place.
  8. Gaussian Blur effect is a very good replacement for mesh tool, by blurring curved objects inside the background. But sadly it is limited to 1024px. This becomes a problem in high-resolution formats, like A0 format or larger..
  9. Well, my bad. I did not know that.. I will go and change the shortcut right away. I guess this post is as good as closed.
  10. Hello, here's my suggestion for Affinity Designer and Photo that I would find very useful: Allow pasting plain text without any styles and formatting using Ctrl + Shift + V shortcut.
  11. That sucks, because when it comes to patterns, you don't always want to deform them every time you rotate or resize object.
  12. Sorry that I didn't clarify - I'm talking about bitmap pattern created using Fill Tool. It's pretty useful tool, but I cannot figure out how to prevent it from stretching the texture.
  13. Hello everyone. Is there a way to resize and rotate a rectangle without stretching the pattern? I know that if you use the Node Tool, patter says intact, but that's not what I'm looking for, I tried to google an answer to this question, but I couldn't find it. So that's why I'm asking here now. Can anybody help me?
  14. Live mesh warp filter - I second that!
  15. Thank you! That's what I was looking for. But what kind of ridiculous shortcut is that.. Any way to change it?