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  1. I would like to request that the handle be different somehow than that of the point they control. It gets pretty hard to differentiate the difference when you have a bunch of points and you need to adjust just one. See attached to see what I mean.
  2. Please see about this adjustment not being replicated in Photo. Attached are all files to see what I mean. Screen capture shows the problem. On another note--What is the purpose of the top color spectrum that has no controls (the one underneath does have the hue shift slider)?
  3. I am not sure why I can't select a font from the font drop down box, I can only select a font from within the Character palette.
  4. You should be able to sign in to the app store on the other mac that you didn't buy it from. Should be a download button on the purchases page.
  5. I looked at the Illustrator wiki page and I quickly discovered where I'd say Designer is right now when compared to Illustrator features list. And it looks like, I believe, that Designer RIGHT NOW is comparable to Illustrator 9. After 9 came distortions, warping, etc. along with other features. Not to say Designer is very in the past, its actually a lot smarter and works in some ways entirely different not to mention fast, but this is to be expected as they are not here to make an Illustrator duplicate. Where else can I find awesome raster brushes, layer effects, and other things without leaving the app??!! Its a great app that is only going to get better.
  6. Wish I could copy and paste nodes, would be a very useful feature to have.
  7. Couldn't you add a right click of the ruler to create a new guide?
  8. After a little investigating, I found that the difference in how they look different in Photo from Photoshop is that the curves adjustment is the complete opposite in Affinity Photo! I thought this is weird! What happened? See pics.
  9. Why does a PSD file color look different in Photo? All the color setting seem to be the same.
  10. How do I perform these new features? - New channels page capabilities, including spare channels. - Create spare channels from any channel - including composite channels. - Set / Add / Subtract / Intersect spare channels with pixel selection. - Set spare channels to layer channels.
  11. Well I just remembered why I need this to be vector. T-shirt screen prints are all made from vector graphics so that they can burn the screens needed for each color that will lay on the t-shirt. So I believe I will need to rely on a tracing app to do this part. I just bought Image Vectorizer but not sure if I'm happy with what it does yet.
  12. Not sure if people out there are using AD like me but I am designing a t-shirt that requires lots of small objects that make a distressed look of the shirt. AD struggles so much and I have to wait seems like forever for it to even make a simple change of color to all these objects. Seriously disappointed as this is supposed to be the fastest vector program in the world.
  13. Why does a standard return press give me a double line leading? Should be just a single line, equivalent to leading set. Or are there settings that I'm not seeing?
  14. I wanted to add a simple mask to a pixel layer and I succeeded with the Beta, but is not working in latest full release 1.2.1. I guess the beta has still some new fixes not applied to the latest full release? See video.
  15. I thought it was a compound shape, but that isn't an option MEB. Look at these files to help explain what I am doing (did). I want to be able to release as you have stated but if I create a shape like the one attached I can't release them. I used the "pathfinder" to create the shape given.
  16. I have a combined shape (AI calls this compound path) that I can't undo, how do I do this?
  17. I have voiced my concern about stroke on text with the inside of characters and numbers not producing the uniform contour of the interiors, they are still "cut" into triangles when used at certain stroke widths. (see attached B letter). I can obviously go thicker or thinner to make this disappear but I think it just needs to be fixed. Please.
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