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  1. The blend mode worked great!!! It also worked on a graphic I had been using for quite sometime! Perfect! Thanks!
  2. I think I found a similar question...see what I can do...as I am talking to myself... There's several ways to achieve this. Here's the easiest: 1 - put your text above your image 2 - change the blend mode of the text to erase (the drop down on the top of the layers panel). The text is still editable. Optionally you can select both the image and the text and group them (to make it easier to move as a single object).
  3. I am trying to place a vector font or transparent font on a black background so when they place the graphic on the coffee mug the letters shown will be whatever color the mug is. How do I do this? Also, if I already have a graphic how do I make it transparent on a black background? Hoots
  4. Can anyone define all the size options for affinity.....I am not an expert on graphics but I do good enough that people want me to make things for them. I just get all confused about the resolution/size list because it is all in pixel sizes or something. I just need to know what sizes would compare to lets say an 8.5x11 size to smaller or bigger.
  5. What size graphic do I need, if I am intending to create a graphic for a 6ft banner. I don't quite understand all the gibberish sizes I can choose from. Thanks you!! Hoots
  6. The attached picture has a white background when put on a black background. How can I get it so I can just have the stick guy and his little cloud for my black background? Or how can I change the pictures background to match the background I am working with and make my stick guy white so he will show up?
  7. Sorry if this is redundant but I quickly need to know how to remove a picture from a photo to use in another graphic. As you can see, I am totally green in using Affinity and designing graphics just by my language. I do not even know what to look for to solve my issue. For instance, I have a stick person and that is all I want to use but it has a white background. How can I pull stickman from the photo? I watched a video but the people were using some beta form. I have 1.1.2. I checked for updates but there are none. OR How can I get the background of the stickman picture to match the background I am working with?
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