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  1. I get an error if I want to export my document as an PDF. The Document is attached. Also the PDF settings. Ausstellungen 2019.afpub
  2. I can't export a pdf as PDF/X-1a: I get the message that there is an error. I will attach the project file here.Ausstellungen 2019.afpub
  3. You could embed all linked files very easy in the document. There is a tutorial about this feature
  4. Not here. I created an object. Then I can move it in bigger steps via the arrow keys + shift. Then I grouped this object and I can't move it when I press the shift+arrow keys. I wanted to make a screen capture but I don't have an app which records the pressed keys.
  5. Affinity Designer: Normally I can move an object by holding the shift kay an press the arrow keys in bigger steps. If an object is in a group the shift key does not work.