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  1. Hello to everybody in the forum, I'm getting started with landscape illustration. Today I share with you my illustration of Gdynia, the city where I live in Poland. The illustration was done with Affinity Designer. I would invite everyone to comment thoughts and feedbacks, or to share own works. This is my first landscape and maybe your works will teach or inspirate... Cheers Francky The project on Behance
  2. Hello Kiarian, very fine images, congrats! Can I use the second one to make a vector illustration? Bests Francky
  3. Hello to everybody in the Affinity forum I'm sharing with You vector illustration of Mario Balotelli, the star of football now playing in OGC Nice club. Can illustrate people in hundreds different way I think, this is my own way... The drawing was done in Affinity Designer, only the background and the OGC Nice logo are raster images. Every comment is welcome, reply with your avatar or people drawings, opinions. Below a detail. The full project on behance
  4. Hello ToreB Great pieces of art, I like your style!
  5. Thank You for your feed back Alfred However gusto apart, moving clouds or static ones, all your feed backs are teaching how do better illustrations Thank You !!
  6. Thank You Kaspev-V Your feed backs are very very important, which are telling me the direction for next works, what to do better
  7. Wow GarryP thank You for the very nice suggestions! I will use your idea in next illustrations
  8. Enjoyed this, thank you for sharing! Love your drawing and your style, bravo!!
  9. Hello Affinity fans Today I drawn flamingos, interesting long-legged birds. I have made not use of textures, patterns, pixel layers or brushes, I just wanted a very simple illustration, just shapes, pen and gradients. Give a look at the illustration, drawn in Affinity Designer and tell me what do you think, leave your feed backs, write positive and negative The full project here on behance
  10. Thank you Tinpixel. You get it, that leather was the most challenging in this drawing. It should look like leather instead of plastic of metal as the rest of the object.
  11. Thank You Stuart_R for the kind comment Yes, I'm proud being a fan of Affinity. Francky
  12. Hey guys, About brushes, must take a look at the free brushes package that were downloadable and a lot of texture Affinity let available freely! Search around the macro pack, grade ui, tom-chalky-handcrafted-fonts-textures and textures+brushesh+skies for Affinity Francky
  13. I'm really honored by your feedback. However it would be great if someone takes this work seriously, for that purpose Francky
  14. Thank you SrPx. A short history of my last months: On October 2016 my colleague at job told me about a new couple of programs, they are Affinity Photo and Designer. I was always searching for new programs that can suite my work. While trying the 10 days demo, I was astonished by the potentiality, features, user experience and intuitively of the two programs. Most of the ux is even better than Adobe. I dream of a world where you are valued just by the quality of your final works, independently of which software packages you use. In other words, Illustrator was too expensive, Inkscape yet too spartan even if it has potential, but Affinity is my final choice, I bought it. Francky
  15. Hello to You all, This is my last vectorial drawing. Realistic vectorial drawing, done using Affinity Designer. I'm really excited with the results, see below. How to draw realistic objects (this case a headphones) with Affinity Designer. Step by step the full project here on behance Best regards Francky
  16. To me there's too difference of lights, between the background and the dress photo. The first layer needs more light. Also there is a difference of contrast. The first layers has much more contrast. The shadows too is important, from it depends the distance from background. I hope it helps. Best regards Francky Let's be friends on behance
  17. Thank You very much for the clear information. Best regards Francky
  18. Hi everybody. I am new to Affinity. Thank You for the helpful forum. I have a question. At job we have buy a license for both Affinity Designer and Photo. Can I install Affinity D. and P. on my private notebook? Eventually I will need to use it at office or to sometime be able to collaborte from home. Thank You Francky
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