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    chilacho reacted to Patrick Connor in StudioLink doesn't work (macOS)   
    To enable those buttons you MUST be using version 1.7.1 (or above) of Affinity Designer and 1.7.1 (or above) of Affinity Photo (and each of them run at least once). These builds are now available from whichever store you bought the software from.
    For the Mac App Store it sometimes takes a few days to roll out new builds to all users. but here is our advice to see if it is ready for you.
    For the Affinity Store 
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    chilacho reacted to Chris B in German dialog clipping (Beta   
    Ah, you're using the bigger text size in the User Interface settings. I reproduced this now so I'll get this reported for you.
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    chilacho got a reaction from Chris B in German dialog clipping (Beta   
    It‘s on my external 27“ screen with 2560x1440 resolution. No other scaling or something else changed.
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    chilacho got a reaction from Patrick Connor in German dialog clipping (Beta   
    I found 2 UI entries in german that are crossing text and field.

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    chilacho got a reaction from anon2 in Affinity Photo used as extension to Photos not opening HEIC images   
    I'm already trying now  just find it after my post  for the moment it works well.
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    chilacho got a reaction from Andy Somerfield in Affinity Photo Customer Beta (   
    Hey Andy
    Thank you for your quick reply, this was the problem. Now it works. Thanks a lot!

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