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  1. Of course not: My method is only OK yet when the objects are not something like 100.1232532405403… In AD users have no access to the exact size of the objects (not all digits are shown in the transform box) and a 2* or 10* results in faults because the developers made a fault. Example: 210 mm / 9 and after a RETURN 23,3 mm * 9 … you get 209,7: High Quality Destructively :( :( :(
  2. Hi, of course you can use data from AD in font editors, FC and (3D) animation software. But what makes sense is what most users need. F. e. 3D and animation tools in AD.
  3. Hi, I really can’t believe that such a great app does not have a scaling tool that could scale objects f. e. by a factor 10. It is possible to do this with a *10. But not the real internal sizes are resized, but the inaccurate numbers in the transform box. :( A scaling tool is not on the feature roadmap?! Will it be changed?
  4. I think, Serif does not really want to know what professionals need: You can add but you cannot delete an object to/from the Snapping Candidates list. The software tells us, what must be in the list. Right rom the beginning (f. e. importing an image).[/size] I first selected six objects and [/size]with the import of objects my list gets worse. This is not usability. This is how some developers think. :-( When I have some text, then the first character its outlined but nothing of that outline will be snapped. :-( The developers outlined the wrong parts or they have not finished their work. It is not easy to see those candidates if the objects are colored in purple or pink. :-( … :-(
  5. Thank you so much. Why do we need to see those candidates? Is it possible to change the color?
  6. Hi MEB. Good hint. But this is not the question, please look: http://www.pic-upload.de/view-27587044/why.jpg.html Nothing is selected. Why are some Outlines colored? That is not helpful. I think they should be only colored if one or more objects are selected. It is about usability. What is your opinion?
  7. Hi, imported pictures show a pink surrounding rectangle. Is it possible to change the color or eliminate this? [Pressing SPACE is not the favorite solution.]
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