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  1. FYI: The Macro persona will not be included – but Macro support will be included in 1.5.. We have to wait for Publisher until 2017.
  2. The omission of hyphens in German texts leads to wrong meanings. Here: The victim is the knife. Perhaps not very easy to understand for English speakers. Free art/The customer is always right and can beat the Duden? :( Money beats orthography and typography. Or is it orthography & typography? There are always design solutions that are correct and that look great.
  3. You can love it. Because age-old bugs like the expand stroke bug are not fixed you can hate it.
  4. 15 months ago we were told that “it’s going to be added very soon”. Hopefully the explanation is version 1.5 …
  5. Great story! Perhaps you misunderstood the few words … just couldn’t believe that Serif has not solved it. All the best!
  6. And don’t forget to to calculate the horizontal alignment of the third button, paolo.limoncelli. ;-) With 1.5 we’ll get more variables … Would be a big surprise if we get working text snapping, optical character alignment, hanging punctuation, … a bit like the beginning of DTP :-(
  7. Cannot believe that your problems are not solved within a month. :( If a reset of the app [press and hold ⌃(ctrl) while restarting the application, then select “Clear” from the dialog] does not help, please upload a file to test the export.
  8. Selections like selected tools are not highlighted consistently in blue. Perhaps they change the icons/contrasts. Soon in some years. Still same level here:
  9. One reason could be the wrong “View Quality”. How is it adjusted, cwmbrancon? Hopefully you compare with the same preferences and the same zoom level. Please, some screenshots could help to understand your first issue … Many beginners use/don’t change bilinear resampling. According to the kind of image* they have to decide how to export and prepare. Please try “Lanczos 3 (non-separable). Does this help? *explained in Affinity Help
  10. Some time after two years. Seems to be very hard. :( The development of a time machine could be the solution. ;-)
  11. Welcome here, ProfessorB. Use the Outline View Mode and you will see your line, right?
  12. adrianbridgelock, unlikely but perhaps you haven’t rasterized the image before.
  13. Yes, those were the days and this was meant by text path. :) The first workaround (circle with a dashed stroke) seems to be the quickest. But we are sure, the best solution will be version 1.5. Soon.
  14. Not now, but on roadmap. Quick workarounds: Circle with a dashed stroke, text path. First one took under one minute to rebuild it exactly with the snapshot in background.
  15. @ Ben No, never. Just said both methods can result in different dimensions. Like john77m, many users are not watchmakers. An easy example: If they illustrate they do it without knowing the exact dimensions. If advised to use both “notations” as equal [see the unedited version of #2] they can get in trouble when they just add *50% after the existing value, group it with some other objects, do it again and again … and then backwards with 200%, … and they wonder: Does not fit any more! HTH
  16. Mit der Snapping-Funktion werden die Rechtecke exakt platziert. Details findet man in der Hilfe-Funktion. Die-Affinity-Katzen geben leider keine genauen Zeiträume an. Auf manches »Soon« warten wir schon viele Monate.
  17. Wahrscheinlich immer am Towel Day bei »Passendem Zoom«. ;-)
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