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  1. Thank you for responding! Like the picture below. I removed using remove.bg, but I would like to do this in AD!
  2. Good Afternoon, Can someone please tell me if there is a function to remove a background from a picture in Affinity? I've searched and see nothing, unless I'm missing it. I use remove.bg at this time, but I'm hopeful I can accomplish the same in Affinity! Thank you!!!
  3. Okay thank you, I will! Oh that's what I did at first...EXPORT! It didn't work. For whatever reason it's working now. Thank you for responding!
  4. I'm not sure how, but the proper file suddenly appeared without the glitches! After reading other post, I was not the only one with this problem. Thanks if you took the time to view! CASE CLOSED!!!
  5. Thank you for responding! That's what I thought, but I have no options. Also, did you see the difference in the images? Why is that picture in brackets at the top and the same in the horizontal line toward the bottom? See picture job SAVING options.
  6. I've just started using Affinity Publisher. After spending a great deal of time on this project, I tried saving it in a different format to send to the customer. I can only save in the .afpubs format which cannot open if you don't have this app. I tried to export to another format, I tried to change the extension, but nothing is working. In addition, when I opened the design this morning, what is seen in the top middle (in brackets) of the page was not there when I closed it last night and the animals were not blurry as seen now. Can someone please explain how to save in a different format, preferably pdf so that I can send. And how that extra page in brackets was inserted into the image. I didn't do that! Is there a way to switch this entire image over to Affinity Designer. I'm more familiar with AF than AP. Thank you for your assistance. I'm adding a second image so you can see the difference. I just noticed that the horizontal line toward the bottom has changed.
  7. Good Evening or Morning! I just created an image in Affinity Designer. Upon uploading the image to send to a friend on Facebook, I see this message. Everything was created in the program, but I did grab the needle and thread off Google. So I delete it and just chose any other image and I'm seeing the same thing. Any ideas! I'm on a MACBOOK PRO and was at the Apple store just the other day with a question about something else. They automatically run test but no virus was detected. This is the first time I've seen this. Any ideas? I did a Malware scan and see nothing wrong. Attached is a screen shot of the image I was working on in Affinity Designer and the a screen shot of the message I saw on my screen when trying to send it on Facebook. Thank for your assistance.
  8. Sorry for the delay in responding! I had to stop and make 1800 boxes of popcorn. It's when I need my graphics to work, that without fail...I have a problem! So I have saved/exported this image in the Affinity program in every format (jpeg, png, pdf...etc.) Most important the PDF format for printing at Staples (my local printer). When I tried to pull it up just to print it, I couldn't. it was/is un-clickable! I know that's not the proper lingo, but you hope you understand what I was trying to do. I should not have mattered what application, if it's saved/exported in every format! I was trying to use it in the Avery Labels program to print labels. It simply was not available to me as you saw in the picture. I still don't understand why!
  9. Oh so sorry! I'm using a MACBOOK PRO! Either way, when I browse for any file saved after designing in Affinity, the image is not clickable, or available. From my desktop, documents folder, downloads, pictures, etc. And now that I've taken a closer look, it's only the Affinity pictures that I can't seem to open.
  10. That's the problem, you see what I see! It's blurred when I try to retrieve it from anywhere! I'm just trying to insert the image into a Avery Label form so I can have it printed on the labels. They just aren't clickable from anywhere I've saved it. I saved, exported to PDF and NOTHING. So frustrating. daddy.pdf
  11. I know this is TOO SIMPLE for words, but can one of your genius's PLEASE ANSWER!!! THANK YOU!!! I've saved it properly...to downloads, to desktop, to photos, everywhere and I've exported it properly and I just can't retrieve it!!!
  12. Sometimes I get so frustrated just trying to find what I've saved. I know how to save it in various formats, but it's always and issue for me when I need to find it. Especially when I'm on a mission and time is not on my side!!! Can someone please tell me why I see this window when I'm trying to find an image to print, or send to the printer. Thank you!!! I can't click on anything to insert it anywhere!!! WHY??? I've looked in my photos, in my folder where I save this info and can see it all there, I just can't get it! Thanks again! It's about to DRIVE ME CRAZY!!! It just shouldn't be this difficult!!!
  13. So just to give you an example of how things are interpreted, I thought the document set up screen was the size of the canvas and not the image itself! So if I use an existing image in my SET UP that is not 600 x 400...and then click RESCALE, will it then rescale to the appropriate size. Is that correct? A BIG DUH!!! Thank you so much!!!
  14. Okay, I have one more question. How do I know how many pixels an image is? My image to be at least 600 x 400...or larger. Advise please! Thank you! Just wanted you to know, that I do read, I just can't seem to find the exact answers in my book. popncorn MPK 2 color2.afdesign
  15. Thank you dutchshader! Sorry for the late response, I'm at work now. I shall keep up with my images! I don't always understand what I'm reading and a more detailed explanation is very helpful! Thanks again!
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