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  1. From a painting/illustrating perspective, sadly I'm thinking both Photo and Designer are lacking too much to upgrade.  While the interface rework on iPad will go a LONG way, there's just still too many quirks to deal with when there's other options out there. And I'm not a professional who has particular needs either, I'm still noobish enough to adapt to almost anything.

    But the following problems just keep me from adopting Affinity beyond minor asset creation. None are particularly world-ending, but they're annoying enough that when there's other options out there, it's easier to go there instead of going with the Affinity suite.

    On the iPad:

    - Navigator is still tiny and you either need to choose between seeing it and other tools

    - Still no ability to have 2 instances of a canvas / large preview / reference window.

    - Still can't split screen with another app

    - Still no keyboard ability to zoom (yes, i know the ipad is touch screen, but now that there's a heavy focus on the magic keyboard/mouse support, sometimes it becomes more of a pain to reach up and touch the screen than it would be to have a shortcut on teh keyboard for it)



    On the Desktop:

    - Brushes on the Desktop still are not labeled and then aren't highlighted if you switch to another tool and come back, so there's too much "what brush am I using" going on. Why this problem seems to only exist on Desktop is extremely confusing.

    - Doesn't work well with my huion (HS610) tablet at all. Quick, sketchy, curves are choppy (see image)

    - Adobe brushes still don't respond nearly at all how they should (again, see image). As I made mention before, if they don't that's fine...but let's either have them work as they should, or remove the functionality all together. Cause right now it comes across as "broken."


    There has been some updates though which I am grateful for and will likely lead me to get the suite on ipad alone. 

    - New interface. Death to the super-large, non collapsible, intrusive settings "pill'! WOOO!!! This alone will be the reason for me spending the money on the new iPad apps, if I do.

    - The access to the full tool set without needing to switch personas is certainly helpful.

    - flipping the canvas in Photo is very welcome. It should also be in Designer too, though. 

    - I like the easy ability to select color with the modifierkey shortcut thingy (but the quick menu needs to be fully customizable with any action, not just the few Serif deemed worthy. For example - "flip canvas" isn't in there but "solo" is?)

    - The paint brush seems to retain its behavior if switching from another tool and then back again (though the wet-setting still keeps kicking on). 


    Overall, I know photo and designer have a very focused "use case" right now, and that's fine, but they've had this same focus for a very long time and I personally think that's a mistake to expect and be content it stays that way. Photoshop has the status it has now because it went beyond simple photo editing. If serif ever wants to seriously go after the Adobe crown, it's going to have to compete in this area, no matter how low cost the software remains. 


  2. On 12/31/2021 at 3:34 AM, bcowo said:

    ill be gathering the issues i had in this thread and lack of QoL features ive found in this post. I like this app and the business model of affinity but these minor issues or after thoughts gets really frustrating when trying to get in the zone. Most of this applies for touch screen use.


    • Lack of a ruler tool and poor implementation of constraint tool in touch screen only use. see this 
    • Lack of brush size presets, and poor implementation of brush size entry on touch screen. The smallest stroke of the pencil on the tool area causes brush size to be massive or tiny. its near impossible to do small adjustments, like taking it to 20px from 10px. Also it would be nice if we could enter brush size by writing the number with apple pencil on the toolbox. And presets, thats a must imo.
    • Lack of split screen support or an in app browser for referencing.
    • Cant relocate toolbox at the bottom.
    • Longer list of recent colors and ability to add custom colors easily.
    • A window to save brush + size + color combos on toolbox on the right would be pretty nice to have.

    all this and…

    - Also a need to non-destructively flip the canvas horizontally. with shortcut capability. 
    - either a second window ability or an ability to resize (and have it permanently up) the navigator panel. Like the reference panel already mentioned

    -a selection tool option in the photo persona like it is on desktop. Having to switch personas and then back again, for simple selections, just grinds the flow to a halt  

    -not completely resetting a brush when you tap off of it and then tap back. Resetting the to default should be a manual effort, not automatic.

  3. As I’ve made my primary creative device my iPad, I keep running into a small problem: I keep thinking my tool is going to switch back to my previous just because I’ve released the keys and/or certain keys will do something.

    Panning, zoom, and erasing mostly. I was wondering if it’d be possible to add the same spring-load functionality that you have for color picking and the alt key to these tools? Where you press and hold down the Spacebar, and you’re in the panning tool until you release and then revert to the previous tool. Same with the eraser and the ‘E’ key?

    And I know it’s a touch device, and pinch for zooming is just superior, but would it be possible to get a keyboard shortcut for zooming on the IPad?

    I’ve been finding I’m using my mouse and keyboard for graphic design tasks in Affinity photo and designer rather than just painting and photo retouching. And reaching up to zoom in and/or pan is bit of an annoyance.





  4. I know this thread is nearly a year old, but I’ve been running into just this exact issue and trying to find a solution. 

    Anywho, as Serif uses “Support for Photoshop Brushes” as a selling point for Affinity Photo, no, I don’t think we should be leaving support for PS Brushes behind (at least not in this current iteration). Like it or not, PS Brushes are still the “industry standard.” And while I love affinity photo (especially the iPad version), advertising it has support for PS brushes and then they don’t work at all well is problematic. Serif is offering a way to get away from photoshop because you don’t have to give up your favorite tools,  but then not really. 

    Especially on the education side of things does this really become a glaring issue. I recently signed up for a digital painting course, and we are encouraged to use the PS brushes supplied by the instructor. These brushes were specifically designed and created for this course. I popped them into AP, only to discover the brushes were pretty much unusable. I almost had to go back to a PS subscription, but luckily I learned Artstudio pro can read the brushes just fine and I was able to use the brushes there without an issue. 

    But here’s the thing: I don’t want to use Artstudio, I don’t want to use PS, I want to use Affinity Photo. If Serif doesn’t want to fully support PS Brushes, that’s fine. But then say there’s no support for it at all and not get hopes up that these brushes will work. 

    Or, conversely, really allow those PS Brushes to be used and sweep yet another leg out from under Adobe. Just because I use PS Brushes doesn’t mean I won’t use brushes designed specifically for Affinity, it just means I can confidently leave PS behind.

  5. This is it! This is what I have been waiting for to turn my iPad into a full fledged web-design tool (I needed slices, and no other iOS app (as far as I have seen) has provided that). Thank you! This was worth the wait! I recently, and reluctantly, updated my iPad Pro to the latest version concerned that I should have bought an under-powered laptop instead to do web design. Thanks to you guys, I have no more concerns! 

    The features you put into this thing are amazing and so much has been done right, I can’t wait to see some of the UI features bleed over into affinity photo (like the 2-finger undo feature!).

    You guys really outdid yourselves. Bravo!!

  6. I setup guides in my document on my iPad, but when I go back to my paintbrush to utilize said guides, they completely disappear.  I notice they stay visible for some other tools (pen tool, move tool, etc...) but paintbrush and eraser they vanish. Am I doing something wrong and need to select something so they stay visible regardless what tool I’m using?





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