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  1. I’m working on a 150 artboards document for an app. I’m using an export preset that saves in 3 files per artboard. I’d like to export only modified artboards or a selection of them and countinuous export isn’t the solutions for some cases (a symbol on all artboards is like and export all). Now we have the ability to export New items only, Export all slices or export only selected output files. I’d like to have the option to select the slices from Slices panel, then get in the export panel an Export selected button. A “select/deselect all" in export panel could help too.
  2. Is it still planned? I’m moving to other software because of this lack but I’ll be happy to back using Affinity Designer for my UI projects.
  3. I'm sorry to have to use other software for the UI projects I'm developing because I feel very comfortable with Affinity Designer. However, since I have to share the product with a work team, I am forced to use software designed to the sharing of resources, the description, and the management of feedback.
  4. I have to create icons and interface design for a project for multiple devices. Some of them have a square pixel ratio (1:1) and another device has something like 1:0,93 pixel ratio. I’m looking for the right approach to export the correct assets without too much manual work. An approach could be creating icons in an artboard for square pixels, then each icon or interface element could be converted in symbols. The symbols should then be placed in another artboard inside in a rectangular shape. Once done, the shape should be transformed changing the with (actual with/0,93). This could work but it isn’t too easy to manage with large amount of layouts or editing elements after the transformation. Do you have a suggestion to get it easier?
  5. Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll try it but for this specific work I have to produce svg icons and I don’t think this method could work.
  6. Hi Chris, you have understood my problem. I expected a different behaviour while searching an alternative to the update object style feature. Thanks for your answer.
  7. Unlike what happens when assigning a palette color to the filling of an object, if I assign a palette color to a colour overlay effect then I change the palette color, the objects with the assigned effect don’t change color. (Tested with Affinity Designer 1.6.0 on High Sierra)
  8. The update object styles is one of the greatest missing I can see Affinity Designer.
  9. What about integrating the Deep Image Prior algorithm? My first thoughts goes to the use of noise reduction and resizing functions but the retouching features could be improved too. As I can see, it is uses Apache licence, but could be used for commercial applications.
  10. I’ve imported, resized and rotated an image in Affinity Designer 1.5.4 for Mac. If I export the document as PDF, the result file has the imported image distorted and rotated. If the object is rasterised before the export, the PDF is OK. Here a video of what happens: https://infinit.io/_/34Y3qQ7
  11. When I use Affinity Designer 1.5.5 on Mac (macOS 10.12.6), on iPad I get continuity enabled and suggests to open Affinity Photo
  12. I’ve raised the issue because it happens when I use Affinity Designer on Mac, no Affinity Photo.
  13. I’d like to see something like CanvasFlip interaction map to easily show or create interactions scenarios.
  14. An additional improvement could be assigning the Continuous export binded to a slice, not for all the project: using for UI design with symbols, the useful a continuous export becomes unusable on large project because now, on each change all the slices are re-exported.
  15. [OT] You have registered just to write nevermind? :huh:
  16. You have understood what I mean, but in my situation I have to uncheck 150x3=450 output files if I need to export only one artboard, so a select/deselect all slices button could help; an Export selected slices could be better.
  17. A nice surprise to see Ash presenting Affinity Photo at WWDC. I hope this visibility will bring new Affinity apps customers. I’ll surely get the app, then I’ll replace my old third generation iPad with the new 10.5 inch version.
  18. I still have faith in Serif team and I hope this delay is due to implement the best solution as performance, usability and compatibility. I don’t want a fake vector arrowhead like in Photoshop, but something similar to Illustrator solution. May be there are issues to make it fully compatible with closed standard or to manage with PDF or other vector export, but I’d like to hear a word from developers too. In past they surprised me: in my wishlist there was the constrains and they implemented the in a maxi release 1.5 constrains with auto layout and symbols, so my faith is still here :)
  19. Teo_

    Symbols convert to groups when copied

    It could be a nice improvement to suggest in feature request area Same here with 1.5.5 version. Not a great issue but I hope to remember to copy the element with included symbols instead of Cmd+J and Option+Drag.
  20. Yes, strange, and is something similar to what happened in the project where I’ve got the overprint converting text to curves. Creating a new file I get the right behaviour. Looking back to the history of this work, I think it was an error starting from the last pages of attached file template to quickly get a folder. pm_of_1mm_mass.pdf
  21. Sorry, you are right. Checking a bit, I’ve found a strange behaviour. May be it is related to grouped items… Black overprint test.afdesign Black overprint test.pdf
  22. Same frustrating issue here. I have to convert texts to curves to get the black overprint to work :(
  23. In my work, with a lot of layers with similar thumbnail, this feature could save a lot of time. And why not implementing it with an ease-in-out or cubic bezier animation to help to understand where you were and where is the context of the selected object?

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