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  1. I am in a mac as you guessed walt. Cecil, what do you export? I could see making a file with the assets to export, but I do not see a way to export styles or preferences to be used elsewhere. Like i said i could just be missing it. 

    4 minutes ago, walt.farrell said:

    They are easily transferred on the PC, but since you mentioned iPad I'll guess that you're on a Mac, and I think they're less easily transferred there.


  2. Is there a way to copy styles, assets or preferences to another computer or even between affinity apps? A pdf preference I saved for a publisher for example. Right now it seems we have to recreate it in each program and when we got from desktop, to laptop to iPad. I would be great i there is way to save assets so they can be used in a new project as well, very  time saving. This might all be existing already, but I just don't know about it! 

  3. Sorry to take so long to reply, I have been super busy. the problem has disappeared since I wrote the post and I can't replicate it anymore. Maybe it was a Mac OS issues that a recent update fixed. As an aside, one of the things keeping me so busy was I have been preparing my primary printer to take my files produced with Affinity Publisher and they are impressed with the result so far. At first they were horrified, thinking I was asking them to use Microsoft Publisher! 

  4. 25 minutes ago, Justin said:

    Hi nomi02118

    The file is a panorama merged in Lightroom but we are treating it as an out-of-camera RAW file and applying lens profile corrections when we shouldn't. As a work around, in Develop go to the 'Lens' page and turn off chromatic aberration correction and the other lens profile corrections.

    Hope that helps


    Sorry I guess I forget to mention it is a panorama. I did try and the chromic aberration adjustment but it didn't work out. (Chris B earlier found the same  thing.)  Might be just this file so i will keep an eye out if I get another form this client. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, v_kyr said:

    See the: "Layout page setup..." button.

    If you open a new document, the setting I need are there. If you are already in a document you don't have access to those settings. The closest is file/document setup and this is all you get. I don't see a layout page setup button anywhere and  it wasn't listed in a search I did. like I said I might just be missing something that's right in my face. 


    Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 11.32.53.png

  6. I used photoshop to open the dng without any problems, then exported to tif for use in photo. I am just concerned in future, i wont have a working version of photoshop to use as a backup. I guess it could have been a problem with the camera, but knowing this client, it seems unlikely. He is the only person i know who uses the format at all. Its not a bad idea, just almost no one seems to have adopted it in the end. 

  7. I have (one) client who sends me DBG files occasionally and this time I noticed chromic aberration on the white areas which makes the file unusable. I opened the DNG in Photoshop and it looked perfect, so I exported it from there to tif for the project. Is DNG a bit buggy in Photo? 


  8. I know this isn't the ideal solution fr all and has been mentioned elswhere.

    I have recently taken most of my idesign templates I use for various clients , exported them as PDF and opened them in Publisher, including multi page documents, and it did a VERY good job reformatting them to Publisher. Most needed zero after the fact tweaking. Fonts were correct, as were all the text and paragraph attributes.  


    So I too would like indesign import/export functionality but I am finding it less crucial than I thought as I wait for Publisher to get an official release and start it's road as a viable Indiesgn replacement. 

  9. 1 hour ago, GaryLearnTech said:

    It just occurred to me now - if you're on a Mac, it might be worth checking out TextSoap from Unmarked Software.  They have a demo version you can try.  It could handle your numeric font substitutions, at least for now.  I've had it for some years but only made light usage.  I'm no expert on regular expressions, but I was able to knock up a custom 'cleaner' which said: identify any digits and apply specific formatting.  Here's the configuration for that cleaner:



    I then pulled in some text (it might look familiar) into Publisher and tweaked it slightly.  I selected the text in the text frame and, since I didn't bother applying a keyboard shortcut to the cleaner, I used the menubar item to apply it, with the following result: 

    image.png.3b7b0164970591cb04baaa12c1fc8a13.png image.png.f08ed468f12f1c78c66ec4a05483361e.png 

    I think perhaps the only downside here is that it won't be able to apply paragraph or character styles that you define in Publisher.  The formatting changes above are what I think Serif refer to as local changes.

    Thanks for the link! We will see how the final version of publisher comes out, but this might be a good option if I switch to it for my main clients. 

  10. Just now, walt.farrell said:

    Thanks. Without regular expressions support I don't think there's a good way to change the font for numbers.

    Changing the regular (curly?) quote marks to straight ones or guillemets seems like it should work now, though. What problem do you have with that?

    I already changed them all in my document so I haven't re-tried that again. When i did originally it just did not do anything. Granted that was a couple updates ago. I did discover I could use preferences to change the entire document to use the quotes I wanted and that seemed to work when I imported new text. I have to say overall, the typography in Publisher is excellent right out of the gate. 

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